Think differently

Many people (including the official photographer) at the wedding will be taking the typical pictures of groups. So why not consider taking a fresh look?

Many hours of planning go into a wedding; every little detail is thought about carefully. During the day, keep an eye out for and photograph these details. Some are planned such as a floral arrangement or the back of the wedding dress whilst others appear on the day such as the combination of colours in the wrapping of presents or a bouquet left by the wedding cake.

Investigate other formats

Some of the most popular moments of a wedding reception are the speeches. Why not capture them on your camera? Every current Canon compact and most EOS DSLRs have a VGA or HD movie function and a recording of these memorable events will always remind you of the day. If you are videoing for a long time it is best to find somewhere to rest your camera; if necessary your table or a glass will offer a more stable base than hand holding.

Black & White and Sepia photographs are often suited to wedding subjects – they give a classic look that fits perfectly with the nature of the event. They can be perfect for images of the couple when they have brief moments of quiet between the major events. Alternatively if you have a PowerShot or IXUS camera then using the “My Colors” photo effects can create dramatic new interpretations of traditional scenes.

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