After the event

One of the great features of digital cameras is the speed with which you can share the photos. If you are staying overnight, consider downloading your images to a laptop computer and sharing them at breakfast morning after the wedding; people love reliving the day.

Once you have access to the web, you can also upload your photos to CANON iMAGE GATEWAY and share them with family and friends and those who were unable to attend.

Back at home you can go through your pictures and select the best ones. Then visit Creative Park and choose one of the range of scrapbooks to make the perfect, personalised present for the newlyweds as a thank you, waiting for them when they return from their honeymoon.

Enjoy the day

As a guest your main role for the wedding day is to enjoy yourself; don’t let the photography overshadow everything else. Pick your moments confident that your preparation and plans, plus the capabilities of your Canon camera, will ensure that your final photos are ones of which you will be proud. Once you are at home, then select the best and upload them to the You Connect Gallery.

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