Tutorial: What makes a great photo

Try black & white

Black & white photography strips away colour and concentrates on tones and contrast.

Late winter landscapes are well suited to black & white. At this time of year, larger features in photos often have little colour. You can concentrate on the shapes of leafless trees, stone walls and buildings. Composition and contrast become key elements of the image making black & white the perfect medium.

Add colour
But look closer and it may not be all black & white. The transition from winter to spring brings small bursts of intense colour within monochrome scenes such as flowers appearing through soil or fresh buds on trees and shrubs.


Dark Day afternoon, You Connect member Meint Brookman, Canon EOS 40D
 “The rule of thirds makes this dark and moody image swing from left to right following the tree line with such force you find your head following the movement your eye has just travelled. Although mostly black and white there is a hint of colour where your eye comes to rest.”

My Colors
The ‘My Colors’ menu (IXUS and PowerShot models) offers a wide range of options to control the colour in your photos. ‘Neutral’ usually gives the most accurate colours, but these often appear muted when viewed on a computer screen. If you want to bring your images of new flowers to life, try using ‘Vivid’.

You can even create your own balance with the Custom Color. This allows you to adjust Contrast, Sharpness and Saturation. Check your camera’s Instruction Manual for details.

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