Winter magic

As soon as you see snow and ice, grab your camera for some memorable shots of your family and the transformed landscape.

With a PowerShot or IXUS camera you can use the 'Snow' setting and it will immediately compensate for the bright white surroundings and give natural tones to people and objects. If you have an EOS or want to experiment with your IXUS or PowerShot, then click here to learn more.

Trees, © Antonio Sanginisi, Canon PowerShot G9

Shoot stunning landscapes from every angle
When it has snowed or you are in a frosty landscape, look for interesting shapes and colours such as trees, buildings, animals or people in bright clothing that can bring a point of focus to your image. The contrast with the white background makes your shot more dramatic.

Winter creates new patterns and textures; frost on a car bonnet, a spider's web or snow on fallen leaves. You can get down low and point the camera up to the trees for a new and exciting angle. The EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM lens is the perfect companion to an EOS for this type of photography.

EOS owners who want to get more serious about portraits should look at the EF 50mm f/1.4 USM and EF 50mm f/1.8 II lenses. These give a natural perspective to faces and the wider apertures available will blur distracting background detail.

Close-ups have dramatic results
It's not just people you want to get up close to. A tree or a fence covered in frost can be a good subject too.

Frost, © Alf-Kaare Berg, Canon EOS 40D

Use the 'Macro' setting on your camera and fill the frame with just a few twigs, or a leaf. Then you will be able to see the crystals of ice that turn an ordinary subject into something special. If possible, shoot with the sun in front of the camera so that the crystals are lit from behind and sparkle in the light.

Get in on the fun
Skiing, snowboarding and sledging make great winter action photos and videos. If your camera has it, switch to 'Sports' Mode to freeze the action and take multiple shots. Look through your images on a computer to choose the ones that capture the action perfectly.

Now you've discovered some of the photos you can take, the next page will show some more advanced techniques.

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