Photography Tutorial: Winter

Move in close
Winter brings frost. You might need to be up early in the morning before it melts, but the results can be spectacular. A tree or a fence covered in frost can be a good subject, but you should move in close for the best pictures. Fill the frame with just a few twigs, or a leaf, so that you can see the crystals of ice that turn an ordinary subject into something special. If possible, shoot with the sun in front of the camera so that the crystals are lit from behind and sparkle in the light.

Try to find a little colour to add to your picture. It might be a leaf that still retains a red or yellow hue, or a few coloured berries on a bush.

Set your camera lens to its minimum focusing distance to take these pictures, or use a close-up lens or other macro accessory. If possible, use a tripod or other camera support to avoid the effects of camera shake. If you have aperture-priority (Av) mode on your camera, set a relatively wide aperture (such as f/4 or f/5.6). The resulting narrow depth-of-field will focus attention on the main subject.

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