Photography Tutorial: Winter photography

Before going out make sure you have prepared to cope with the wintry conditions:

Keep out the cold
Even when the sun is shining, temperatures in winter can be close to, or below, freezing. Thick gloves will keep your hands warm – but make it difficult to handle the controls of your camera. Find some thin wool gloves that still give you the flexibility needed to operate switches and buttons.

It is not just your hands that will suffer in the cold; while your camera will cope well the batteries won’t. Store a spare battery in an inside pocket and switch this for the battery in the camera after a while. The battery from the camera will then have a chance to warm up again. You can keep alternating the two batteries throughout the day.

Keep your camera dry
If you go outside when it is raining, you get wet immediately. If it is snowing, however, the flakes tend to rest on your clothing for a while without melting. Your camera is different, it is not insulated and snowflakes can melt the moment they touch. Water and electronics do not mix, so it is sensible to take precautions if shooting while it is snowing.

In an emergency a simple plastic carrier bag will do. Turn the carrier bag upside down and place the camera inside at the top (normally the bottom of the bag). Cut or tear holes for the lens and viewfinder. Put your hands up inside the bag to hold the camera and operate the controls.

More inspiration
Many You Connect members have already sent us their best winter shots to feature in the Gallery. So if you want to see what can be achieved using a variety of Canon cameras click here.

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