Meet Urban climbers, On the Roofs

Friends and photographers Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov have dedicated the last five years to photographing breathtaking land and cityscapes from some of the world’s tallest buildings. They’ve made headlines by scaling iconic, historic and well-known structures while also seeking out new places to conquer and explore. The duo pursue a bold desire to share their visions of places few of us can go and to reveal fresh perspectives on the world.

Meet Urban climbers, On the Roofs - Canon

We accompanied Vitaliy and Vadim as they climbed the world’s tallest hotel, the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, and asked them about their art.

What motivates you to capture images like these?

“We’re motivated by wanting to show people different perspectives on places. We climb places where maybe only ten or fifteen people have been. So, it’s really interesting to reveal them to others. We want people to feel what we felt and see what we saw. Usually people are scared of heights and we are trying to show them how beautiful they can be. If we didn’t want to share our images with people, then we wouldn’t be here.”

What motivates you to capture images like these - Canon

Why do you climb?

“We climb because we want to show a different perspective on the world. We started taking pictures from the ground, taking pictures with animals, with people. But a lot of people do pictures like that.  So we just decided, ‘no!’ We wanted to do something more interesting and that’s how we started climbing on to rooftops. The first time we climbed, we did it for our own sense of feeling. But now we are climbing to capture amazing photos and great videos. It is now more about art, but first time it was just for the feeling. I must admit we are crazy and we do some crazy stuff!”

Why do you climb - Canon

How do you edit your pictures?

“When it comes to sorting out our images, usually we have a lot from our travels. However we don’t edit too many of them. We’lll maybe select 20 to 50 images from around five to six hundred. Usually we’ll set aside one evening to look at the pictures and choose. It will take maybe four hours to choose the best. We pick unusual perspectives which we think people like. Firstly, we look for images with one of us standing on the edge with a very scary view! Then we look for beautiful views. And thirdly we try to seek out a great photo with good light - like day turning into night.”

How do you edit your pictures - Canon

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