Canon Europe REACH supplier questionnaire

Please complete all questions below and return to Canon Europe by Monday, 2nd of March 2009. This form is also available to complete and submit electronically at weblink.

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We (the supplier) understand our obligations under REACH : *
We (the supplier) are complying with all obligations under REACH for every item that is supplied to Canon in all countries in which REACH applies : *
If no, please provide additional information :  
We (the supplier) expect to be able to continue to supply products to Canon Europe once the REACH Regulation has been fully implemented : *
If no, please provide additional information :  
Under the requirements of Article 33, suppliers of articles must inform their customers if Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) are present ≥ 0.1% by weight. :  
Anthracene<br />(CAS: 120-12-7)<br />(EINECS: 204-371-1) :  
Name of product(s) :  
4,4 Diaminodiphenylmethane<br />(CAS: 101-77-9)<br />(EINECS: 202-974-4) :  
Name of product(s) :  
Dibutyl phthalate<br />(CAS: 84-74-2)<br />(EINECS: 201-557-4) :  
Name of product(s) :  
Please confirm that you will inform Canon Europe if any substances added to the Candidate List of SVHC’s by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) are contained in products supplied to us by your company ≥ 0.1% by weight. : *
How will you communicate information regarding SVHC content in your products to Canon Europe? Please check all responses that apply and provide further information where required. :  
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