High-Sensitivity Cameras

High-Sensitivity Cameras

Compact, lightweight and versatile videos cameras ideal for a host of specialist applications.

Low-light cameras for short and long-range monitoring

Offering exceptional low-light performance, professional connectivity, remote control compatibility, and lens mount options to support EF, M58 and B4 mount lenses, these ultra-low-light video cameras are perfect for short or long-range monitoring applications.

High-Sensitivity Cameras

  • High Sensitivity Cameras


    An ultra-high sensitivity camera with a SPAD sensor for long range security and monitoring in low-light conditions.
  • ME20F-SHN

    This professional network camera offers Full HD colour video in almost total darkness with a maximum ISO in excess of 4 million from a Full Frame 2.26MP CMOS sensor.
  • ME200S-SH

    An affordable Full HD remote camera with Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • ML-105 EF

    The ML-105 EF is a smaller, lighter and more durable modular camera with a Full Frame sensor, allowing low light capture at ISO 4 million.
  • ME20F-SH

    Innovative Full Frame, Full HD video camera with ultra low light performance and infrared capability.
  • Wired remote control


    C500 MK II

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