Professional Flash

Canon Speedlite EL-1

An advanced Speedlite that delivers superb reliability and advanced high-speed performance in a tough weather-resistant body.


  • Fast 0.1-0.9 sec1 recycle times

    Up to 170 full power flashes2 in a burst

  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery

    Up to 335 shots at full power

  • Guide number 60m4

    Light up distant subjects and large groups

  • Weather-resistant construction

    Work confidently in poor conditions

  • Wide range of power levels

    From full to 1/8192 power5, for maximum flexibility

  • Built-in LED modelling light

    With colour temperature and brightness controls

  • Active cooling system

    Shoot for longer without overheating

  • Accurate battery level indicator3

    So you’ll know when to replace or recharge a battery


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Canon Speedlite EL-1

Fast, precise and completely dependable – the Canon Speedlite EL-1 delivers the kind of performance that professional photographers demand when the pressure is on. Discover the benefits and capabilities of the EL-1 in this film.
A split image. Left, a photographer shooting with a Canon EOS R5 with Speedlite EL-1 flash in the hot-shoe; right: a stunt cyclist balances his bike on its rear wheel on an elevated handrail.


Absolute reliability and blistering performance

Find out what Dave Mackison has to say about his experience with using the Canon Speedlite EL-1.

Prepared for every moment

Be ready for anything. Super-fast 0.1-0.9 sec1 recycle times mean bursts of up to 170 full-power flashes2, plus high speed bursts at lower power levels are also possible.

EL-1 on the EOS R5
EL-1 on the EOS R5

Power when you need it most

A high-performance LP-EL battery powers the EL-1’s blisteringly fast shooting speeds and shot-to-shot reliability. Expect up to 2345 flashes from a single charge. An accurate battery level indicator 3 lets you know when it’s time to recharge or replace your power source.

Shoot with confidence

When the pressure’s on, you can count on the EL-1 to deliver. It’s guide number of 60m4 is backed up by the same degree of dust and water resistance as our L-Series lenses. An active cooling system prevents overheating, so you can shoot for longer.

EL-1 on the EOS R5


Flexibility and control

Light your subject from anywhere in the scene, controlling the EL-1 wirelessly with a radio or optical trigger. Use multiple Speedlites together (as individual units or groups) for highly creative lighting.
EL-1 on the EOS R5

Be more creative with your lighting

A built-in bi-colour LED modelling light lets you see where and how the EL-1’s flash output will look, and preview where shadows will fall. Manual flash output can be varied between full and 1/8192 power 5

EL-1 on the EOS R5

“Faster recycle times – Having kit that is fast and efficient is super important.”

Photographer looking down view finder

Canon aims to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions from its business activities by 2050

We will achieve this by delivering an average improvement of 3% per year in the lifecycle CO2 emissions improvement index per product. Which if sustained would mean roughly a 50% reduction from 2008 levels by the year 2030. We recognise this to be in line with the level of reduction called for by the Paris Agreement.

We will continue to undertake target reviews from a long-term perspective as a way of checking our contribution to the realisation of a low-carbon society.

Professional flashes

Speedlite EL-1


Speedlite 600EX II-RT


Guide No. (ISO100) meters

60 (200mm)
60 (200mm)

Focal length coverage


High speed sync (FP)


Manual / output settings

Yes - 1/1 - 1/81921
Yes - 1/1 - 1/128

Flash exposure compensation


Flash exposure bracketing


Modelling lamp / Flash

2 x LED / Yes
No / Yes

Wireless transmission type

Optical / Radio
Optical / Radio

Receiver function

Infra-red / Radio
Infra-red / Radio

Sender function

Infra-red / Radio
Infra-red / Radio


1 x Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
4 x AA batteries

Recycle time

Approx. 0.9sec2
Approx. 5.5sec2 (Alkaline batteries)

Weight (Excluding batteries), grams


  1. Minimum flash output is 1/128 for high-speed sync or optical wireless transmission.
  2. Time taken to recharge flash after full discharge, using fully charged battery(s)
EL-1 what’s in the box image with gels, stand, charger, battery and case

What's in the box

  • Speedlite EL-1

  • Speedlite case

  • Battery Pack LP-EL

  • Battery Charger LC-E6E

  • Mini stand

  • Bounce Adapter SBA-EL

  • Color Filter SCF-ELOR1

  • Color Filter SCF-ELOR2

Canon Speedlite EL-1
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Accessory finder

Find the right accessory for your product.

Compatible Accessories

  • EL-1 battery in compatible accessories for professional flashes


    Battery pack LP-EL

    Specially designed for Canon Speedlites, the LP-EL is able to quickly discharge large currents and has a capacity of 1920mAh.
  • EL-1 battery charger in compatible accessories for professional flashes


    Charges compatible Canon LP-E6 series and the LP-EL batteries.
  • EL-1 battery pack CP-E4N in compatible accessories for professional flashes


    Improves flash recycle times and increases the number of flashes with compatible Speedlites - uses Battery Magazine CPM-E4 with 8 x AA batteries.
  • Wireless Transmitter

    Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT (Ver.3)

    Fire compatible radio-frequency Speedlite flashguns over distances of up to 30m. Additional remote features for the EL-1 and EL-5 supported.
  • ST E2 trigger in compatible accessories for professional flashes


    Fire compatible Speedlites with wireless optical receivers at up to 15m outdoors / 10m indoors.
  • Off camera show cord OC-E3 in compatible accessories for professional flashes


    Position your flash away from the camera for creative lighting and full E-TTL control with compatible cameras.
  • Maintenance, Upgrades & Repairs

    Keep your Canon cameras and accessories up to date with latest firmware and service updates, or book your equipment into your nearest authorised repair centre.

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    1. 1/8192 to 1/1 power charging time required for firing.
    2. At 23 degrees C, with the fan set to ON, and before reaching flash firing restriction Level 1, with no flash adapters fitted (bursts up to 160 full power flashes with the flash zoomed from 150-200mm)
    3. Indicates the remaining capacity of the internal battery only, not external power sources
    4. Guide number 60 measured for meters at ISO 100 and 200mm zoom head setting.
    5. Minimum flash output is 1/128 for high-speed sync or optical wireless transmission.