Dual Pixel RAW image processing

In Dual Pixel RAW mode, the EOS R5 allows photographers to perform incredible adjustments to the images they shoot – after they’ve shot them. Adjust sharpness position, bokeh and lighting in portraits, and use background clarity to get landscapes looking their best.

Dual Pixel RAW image processing

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How it works

Each of the pixels on the EOS R5’s 45-megapixel sensor is made up of two photosites. In Dual Pixel RAW mode, two images are captured every time you shoot: one with the left hand photosites; another with the right. By comparing the very slightly different views seen in each of these images, a depth map can be embedded in the RAW file, meaning subtle adjustments can be made to the end result based on this 3D data.

Dual Pixel RAW adjustments are made using the freely available Canon Digital Photo Professional software. New with EOS R5 is the ability to apply Portrait Relighting and Background Clarity in camera.

Portrait Re-Lighting


This new in-camera function changes the appearance of lighting on the faces of subjects in portraits. The appearance of the intensity, spread and direction of the light can be altered in post processing, enabling shadows to be lightened or darkened and repositioned, simulating the effect of a reflector.

Background clarity


Apply clarity enhancement selectively to a photograph’s background in the camera RAW edit menu – superb for landscape photography when there’s a need to cut through haze in the distance, making the background clearer to see.

No enhanced background clarity

Background clarity enhanced

Image micro adjustment

(Digital Photo Professional software)

Using the free Digital Photo Professional software, the maximum point of sharpness can be shifted slightly from the position used when the shot was taken. This is great for portrait photographers wanting to fine-tune critical sharpness, if a subject’s eyes are not perfectly in focus, for instance.

Bokeh Shift

(Digital Photo Professional software)

Using the Dual Pixel RAW Optimizer in our DPP software, the look and feel of out-of-focus areas of a photograph can be adjusted by shifting the perspective of the image from the left to the right.

Reduce flare and ghosting

(Digital Photo Professional software)

Another function of the Dual Pixel RAW Optimizer in our DPP software helps reduce the appearance of artefacts due to bright light sources in the frame. Views from the left and right dual pixel images are compared and selectively swapped so that flare spots and ghosting can be minimised or avoided.


Digital Photo Professional

Digital Photo Professional (DPP) is a high-performance RAW image processing, viewing and editing software for EOS digital cameras and PowerShot models with RAW capability.

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