An Iberian lynx stands on an almost vertical branch, looking alertly towards the camera. The background greenery is out of focus.


Photographing one of the world's most endangered cats

How wildlife photographer Dani Connor used the EOS R7 to capture new photos and video of the rare Iberian lynx.

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The EOS R7 and EOS R10 on a surface tiled in a bright blue and white chevron pattern. KIT

EOS R7 or EOS R10: which is right for you?

Discover the key similarities and differences between the next-generation APS-C cameras in the mirrorless EOS R System range.

24 May 2022
pro-tam-tam-documentary-making-of-1-hub.jpg FILMMAKING

Spotlighting Italian sports and citizenship on the EOS C300 Mark II

For their powerful documentary about the Tam Tam basketball team, producer Francesca Tosarelli and director Mohamed Kenawi turned to Canon Cinema EOS.

26 May 2022
A buzzard, with its wings raised, prepares to take off from a branch. WILDLIFE

The best cameras and lenses for wildlife photography

Wildlife specialists Markus Varesvuo, Marina Cano and Dani Connor reveal their favourite kit for producing stunning images of the natural world.

24 May 2022
A small black box with screws at the corners has a round bulge at the front, looking like an eyeball with a pupil in the middle. TECHNOLOGY

The inside story of Eye Control AF

Find out about the development of Canon's intuitive Eye Control autofocus system in the EOS R3, and how it is aiding photographers.

20 May 2022
Canon's cinema lens range explained FILMMAKING

Canon's cinema lens range explained

Canon cine lenses are the culmination of 50 years of experience in cinema lens design. But which Cine Prime, Cine Zoom or Flex Zoom is right for you?

23 May 2022
Two smiling people sat at a table with a Canon EOS R6 on it. On the brick wall behind them are several framed black and white prints. PORTRAIT

Portrait photography tips

Experienced portrait and subculture photographer Horst Friedrichs shares his top tips with arts graduate Emma Bentley.

13 May 2022
Seeing is believing with the EOS R System ARTICLE

Seeing is believing with the EOS R System

Building on over three decades of EOS innovation, discover how Canon engineers have unlocked new levels of optical excellence with the EOS R System.

06 May 2022
A dark silhouette of a tree against a white and pale blue sky. TECHNIQUES

Making art from digital technology

Valda Bailey reveals how the multiple exposure modes on the Canon EOS R5 help her create expressive images of the natural world.

05 May 2022
Canon Ambassador Lieve Blancquaert being filmed on a crowded riverbank with Canon video kit. NEWS

Canon offers dedicated grant for short video documentary

The Canon Video Grant – Short Film Documentary recognises the best emerging talent worldwide in documentary filmmaking.

15 March 2022
A Canon CR-X300 camera. KIT

Meet the next-generation PTZ cameras

How the Canon CR-X300, CR-N500, CR-N300 and CR-X500 pan-tilt-zoom cameras plus useful updates raise the bar for streaming, broadcast, events and more.

22 April 2022
A Canon EOS C70 camera on a wooden desk taken from above. PRODUCT NEWS

Expand your creativity with the Canon EOS C70

The latest firmware updates for the compact Cinema EOS camera deliver a raft of enhancements, including RAW video and new Custom Picture profiles.

20 January 2022
A man, shot so only his hand and waist is visible, holding a Canon EOS R5 C with a 15-35mm lens. PRODUCT NEWS

High-performance hybrid for video and stills

Everything you need to know about the EOS R5 C – Canon's 8K full-frame body that bridges the EOS R and Cinema EOS systems.

19 January 2022
 A red rally car kicks up a long trail of dust as it travels at speed along a dirt road above a quarry. ARTICLE

More updates for the EOS R6, EOS R5 and EOS-1D X Mark III

The latest firmware updates unlock even more features in Canon's top-tier cameras, including autofocus enhancements from the Canon EOS R3.

11 January 2022
A Canon EOS R5 camera with a Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L Dual Fisheye lens positioned on a mossy surface next to fallen autumn leaves. PRODUCT NEWS

Meet the Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L Dual Fisheye

Capture the world in virtual reality with this groundbreaking stereoscopic L-series lens.

20 December 2021
Canon Future Focus Future Focus

Canon Future Focus

The student programme focused on making you a professional.

14 December 2021
Launch_event LIVE EVENT

Canon Event

Be the first to hear from Canon Ambassadors and experts about our latest announcements

13 September 2021

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