Canon Logo Usage Guide

Advice to Canon authorised partners and independent resellers

Canon takes great care in protecting its trade marks and trade names. For this reason, Canon has prepared this guidance for authorised partners and independent resellers about what they can and cannot do in terms of using “Canon” logos and trade marks on their websites and social media accounts.



  • Do promote yourself and your company name.
  • Do state that your views are your own and not those of Canon1.
  • On a webpage, the Canon logo may be used if it is displayed next to a description or image of a Canon product which you are selling, in the normal course of legitimate business, to indicate its origin.


  • Do not use “Canon” or a Canon trade mark as part of your domain or social media account name.
  • Do not use the “Canon” logo or part of the logo as your account name icon, image or photo.
  • Do not abbreviate the “Canon” logo, modify or combine it with another word or image.
  • Do not buy a domain name or acquire a social media account containing “Canon” because the use of it would infringe Canon rights2.
  • Do not misrepresent yourself or suggest that you are a Canon entity through your choice of images, names and text.
  • Do not post content that could be illegal, defamatory or could be deemed to be harassment to Canon or any other third parties.

We recommend you seek independent formal advice should you have any questions about how to apply this guidance in respect to your website or social media account(s).

If you require further detail on using the Canon logo and its trade marks please contact for a full PDF/document.

¹ Remember that you are solely and legally responsible for the content that you post online. Be sure to respect copyright, fair use, privacy, financial disclosure and other applicable laws.

² Canon will require any domain name acquired by a third party which includes Canon trade marks to be transferred to it and Canon will liaise with Social Media providers to take down accounts which infringe Canon’s rights.