A man stands under a city centre bridge beside a road to take a photo with a Canon camera.

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Vlogging how to: winning vlogging tips to get you up and running

Starting a vlog is fun and rewarding – just follow our vlogging tips and learn how to capture beautiful footage to please savvy viewers.

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Two women pose in front of a camera in a clothes shop.

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Would you like to learn the basic skills of photography, try a new creative technique, or improve your results? Then let our expert tips and guides give you the confidence and skills to excel, today.

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corgi running

Photographing action is all about capturing split second moments. You’ll need to keep up with the game, follow your snowboarding friends or be poised to capture city surfers as they ride the waves. But you won’t need to move quite as fast if you’re prepared.

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studio portrait of man in sunglasses

Portrait photos are easy to take but tough to master. We’ve come up with some helpful basic tips to turn your good shots into great ones.

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dirt bikes perform jumps

Shooting great action shots, like urban river surfers, snowboarders or runners, means thinking ahead. Firstly, you’ll need to think about what you want to capture, how fast your subject is moving and where you’ll set up and shoot from.

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children running through finish line of race

We all want to capture our children’s sporting achievement, scoring a goal or crossing the finishing line, and for us photographers the pressure is on to get that winning shot.

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long exposure of Ferris wheel

Capturing motion in photos requires you to make a choice between freezing the action OR allowing creative blur to show the idea of movement in your photos. Canon tutor, Brian Worley, shares his top tips on capturing motion.

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time lapse of night sky

Undoubtedly you will have seen some stunning time-lapse videos of the Milky Way rising in the night sky or traffic rushing through a city scene. In this short video and guide you will learn how to get started with time-lapse photography.

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man in front of green wall

Capturing great portrait photos, especially on the street, can be challenging. We hope these five tips will help you shoot better photos of people – whether they be friends, family or characters you meet on the street.

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With personalised content, challenges and inspiration to guide you along your photography journey, our Photo Companion app is the perfect partner for any visual storyteller.

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A man stands on rocks in front of a bright blue mountain river, taking a photo on a Canon camera.

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Photographer Richard Walch looks out over a coastline, taking a photo with his Canon camera.

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