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On the right, a small silhouette of a couple walking across golden sand dunes at dusk, leaving footprints behind them. Far on the horizon, a huge bright sun begins to set. ARTICLE

Imaging to transform our world

Technology is exciting and powerful, but its true purpose lies in the way it can changes lives, support businesses and show us the unforgettable.

18 January 2021
A young woman sits at her dining table with a laptop and papers, using a calculator. To her left is a plate of food, a cup and a jar with a spoon in it. On her lap is a baby of around 6 months watching her work. ARTICLE

Old habits and new rackets: cybersecurity in 2021

With employees everywhere and clever criminals too, are you ready for 2021? Find out more from Quentyn Taylor, Canon Director of Information Security.

21 January 2021
A futuristic cityscape at night, with dozens of skyscrapers lit up in blue light. ARTICLE

2021 Video Analytics Predictions & Trends

Video analytics is right at the cutting edge of technology and every new development takes us closer to a smarter world. Discover what’s new for 2021.

11 January 2021
Scattered photos of happy family scenes, taken outdoors in summer. ARTICLE

Feeling sentimental?

‘Nostalgic consumption’ was the go-to comfort zone for 2020. But where does this wistful need for events past come from? And what does it do for us?

14 January 2021
Bright blue and orange ink against a black background, exploding as though in water. ARTICLE

The future of sustainable print

The future for print is bright, but how do we make sure that it’s also sustainable? We look at some ideas that will change how you look at printers.

21 December 2020
Office shelves with a picture frame containing the quote ‘dream big’, around it are a dried flower, a ball of thread, some notebooks, pots and another frame with a seascape photo. ARTICLE

Six steps to a happier, healthier home office

No matter what happens in the future, our home offices are likely to play a part in our lives – so let’s make them a stylish and happy place to be.

07 January 2021
A naked man reclines on a white bed, hands covering his nudity. He stares directly at the viewer. To his right is a another, clothed man wearing a scarf on their head. (George Chakravarthi Olympia 2003, video installation, projection dimensions variable © George Chakravarthi) ARTICLE

Rebels, radicals and revolutionaries: art and social change

Being visible isn’t easy. Over the last century, large-scale activism has driven massive social change. But before the crowds, there were the artists.

14 December 2020
A woman in a medical mask and overalls holds the hands of a smiling elderly woman who wears an orange cardigan. ARTICLE

See how we feel

From resilience to solitude and hope to gratitude, our Canon Ambassadors share the images that tell the emotional story of a year like no other.

17 December 2020
A man wearing a blue suits and white shirt is on a skateboard, checking his phone. Behind him are glass fronted offices ARTICLE

Who’s using you? Photography, your face and your rights

Do you own your image? Whether you model for a living or are snapped on the street, what can be done with photograph? And what are your rights?

10 December 2020
An arial view of a roundabout known as 'The Circus' in Bath, England. The roundabout is covered in trees and the road around it is lined with buildings. There are cars parked on the road. ARTICLE

How to make your business more ‘circular’

Are you looking to shift your business from a ‘take, make, dispose’ model to a more circular approach? If so, there are seven key elements to address.

07 December 2020

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