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A young man sits at a desk wearing a VR headset and holding his fingers in a ‘frame’ pose. In front of him is a laptop, notebook and lamp. Behind him are nine equally sized pieces of artwork in white frames. ARTICLE

Today’s innovators, tomorrow’s trends

The images we create and use are far from random – often shaped by events and influences out of anyone’s control, they tell the stories of our time.

07 June 2021
A crying man, carrying a child, who has their arms around his neck and is wearing a fluorescent yellow life jacket. In the background are people alighting from a rubber dinghy. Superimposed over the image are newspaper headlines, both positive and negative about the photo. ARTICLE

Only the photographer knows the truth

In today’s world, judging truth can be near impossible. The Truthmark seeks to give photojournalists a way to make sure their work shares the facts.

10 June 2021
A woman walks on a sandy, flat surface towards the ocean. Her arms are stretched wide, and she wears bright yellow chiffon that trails behind her, blowing in the wind and creating a strong contrast to the blue sky. ARTICLE

Freedom to move. Freedom to grow.

Emmanuel Oyeleke shares his quest for simplicity, freedom and self-agency and revisits what made him fall in love with photography.

24 May 2021
The words #womenwhoempower against a black background with '#womenwho' in white and 'empower' in red. ARTICLE

Vision, passion, story, voice

#womenwhoempower is a year-long initiative conceived by Canon Middle East, giving female creatives the opportunity to be mentored and grow their brand.

27 May 2021
A bespectacled young man in a black and grey sweater lies in long grass, surrounded by bluebells. His right-hand rests on his chest at heart height. (© Boys by Girls Magazine) ARTICLE

Artist or photographer? Or both?

Does your camera define you? Or what you create? Who decides? And is it important? We explore the questions of what makes the photographer an artist.

17 May 2021
A large, yellow supermoon against a black sky ARTICLE

Is it the moon that’s super… or is it you?

Supermoons are awesome, but should they take all the credit alone, when at least some of what we’re seeing is the result of our own amazing brains?

20 May 2021
A glass office building on the left, against a blue sky with light clouds. The sun reflects brightly off the building. ARTICLE

4 ways that sustainability awards can help your business

Awards are always great, but they’re more than just an accolade. They are also a great way to understand, develop and share your sustainability story.

10 May 2021
A grey-haired woman in tortoiseshell glasses, seated on a couch, leans forward with her chin resting on her hand to look at her laptop. She has a pink cup and saucer next to her and is wearing a blue shirt. ARTICLE

How to turn meeting woes into productivity wins

Is your calendar full? Do you have meeting fatigue? Take a look at these common complaints and discover ways to turn meeting moans into working wins.

13 May 2021
A photo taken from above of two children – one in a blue denim jacket, the other in a pink knitted top. One child holds a large Canon camera in their hands, with the strap around their neck. They both peer, smiling, at the screen on the back of the camera. ARTICLE

“Grab the camera, we’re going for a talk…”

Any parent will tell you that getting a child to open up and talk isn’t always easy. Find out how picking up your camera and taking a walk can help.

29 April 2021
A brown paper envelope and the edge of a brown kraft paper card, on a table, surrounded by white rose-like flowers. ARTICLE

The timeless joy of sending (and receiving!) a card

We haven’t been sending as many lately, but greetings cards to loved ones can be loaded with so much more significance than a text message or email.

06 May 2021

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