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A man and woman, dressed in office attire and standing with their backs to the camera, looking out of a window at other office buildings. ARTICLE

Cybersecurity: the $120 billion questions every enterprise should ask

Five key questions every enterprise should ask themselves when assessing the cyber hygiene of their organisation.

05 August 2019
Four young men, one holding a camera, look carefully at the shot they are about to take. ARTICLE

Streets of Lagos

Afrobeat has gone global and major labels are clamouring for new Nigerian talent. Eager for worldwide fame, young artists are taking the creative process into their own hands.

12 August 2019
Semiconductor chips, fashioned into a colourful design ARTICLE

All of the things, all of the time

Semiconductor chips: we're surrounded by them every day, but what actually are they? How are they created and do they have a future?

01 August 2019
The ‘Thirty Metre Telescope’, located at Mauna Kea, Hawaii, against the backdrop of a clear and starry night. ARTICLE

Advancing Humankind

Imaging technology has the power to deliver a better future, so we invest over 7% of our global sales in R&D and file thousands of patents every year.

29 July 2019
A lock and key, sat on a keyboard ARTICLE

It’s not easy to be forgotten

Data. Do you think that just because it’s about you, then you own it? You’d be wrong. It’s far harder to ‘be forgotten’ than you might think.

25 July 2019
A tree, surrounded by horses in a deserted landscape, against a bright sunset. ARTICLE

My name is Joe James, I’m autistic and proud

Joe always felt like he didn't fit in and didn't know why. Then he diagnosed as autistic at the age of 32. Four years on, he discovered photography...

22 July 2019
A female doctor pushes a button on Canon Aquilion ONE GENESIS CT Scanner ARTICLE

Deep learning in diagnosis: faster, clearer, safer

In the pursuit of limiting radiation exposure in CT scanning, Doctors at ASZ Aalst hospital in Belgium have purchased a Canon Aquilion ONE GENESIS.

18 July 2019
Representation of data – a blue, brightly lit and futuristic server room ARTICLE

Shaping the Future

Technology is changing everything – our homes, our cities and the way we work. To us, it’s just business as usual. Only better.

15 July 2019
A golden langur on top of a tree in Bhutan with her newborn baby ARTICLE

Before they go

Canon Ambassador Christian Ziegler talks of passion for photographing endangered species and why we need to leave some areas of the planet untouched.

08 July 2019
A portrait of a woman from the side. She stretches the skin on her left eye with her fingers. ARTICLE

Digital detox: how photographers find balance in a fast-moving world

Film photographers walk among us, but is it just fashion? Or are they eschewing digital as a way to find mindfulness and meaning in their subjects?

11 July 2019

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