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Laptop from above, on white bedsheets, with a woman’s hands and bare foot in shot ARTICLE

5 simple teamwork tips for everyone, everywhere

Business Psychologist and Executive Coach, Joy Palfery gives her top 5 tips for successful and productive teamworking – whoever and wherever you are.

11 Feb 2019
Side head and shoulders view of an Ethiopian monk in robes. ARTICLE

Reclaiming the Narrative

Sarah Waiswa’s work challenges perceptions of Africa, it also helps her to unlearn and relearn parts of her history and the continents history.

14 Feb 2019
Young woman talking on her smartphone ARTICLE

Trust you can touch

Digital detoxing, ad-blocking, lack of trust or just plain overexposure, businesses are finding that engaging with customers online is getting harder. Can bringing print to the marketing party cut through the deluge of data?

07 Feb 2019
A long dining table, bathed in green light with the Dinner in Motion logos projected onto it. ARTICLE

A Moveable Feast

Fine dining should be an adventure! Dinner in Motion takes you on an immersive gastronomic journey – without even leaving the room!

04 Feb 2019
A selection of fanzines for sale ARTICLE

Little Printed Passions

Small, short run and DIY, there are 'zines and fanzines on every topic. It’s the "global movement that never went away" when the Internet arrived.

24 Jan 2019
The Milky Way arcing over Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA ARTICLE


Astrophotography is a space where art and science collide, but when did we first start taking pictures of the galaxies and how do you get started?

31 Jan 2019
Grey conveyor between glass frames at night ARTICLE

The Tech ABC of 2019

The Tech ABC of 2019: our industry experts predict the technology trends set to shake up the new year.

17 Jan 2019
Male models walk down the runway in lines ARTICLE

The School of Fierce Walks

Humphrey Ominisan took part in Canon's Visual Makers Fellowship at Lagos Fashion Week. He shares his favourite shot and talks about the experience.

21 Jan 2019
A couple overlooking the city. (© Julia and Gil) ARTICLE

Together is more than just a word

We examine Canon’s corporate philosophy of ‘Kyosei’ and how it can be a positive way of living for us all.

07 Jan 2019
Volcano Fuego spits ash and red-hot lava into the sky. ARTICLE

“More than just a mountain that makes the earth tremble.”

Just before a major eruption, Canon Ambassador Joel Santos travelled to Guatemala to photograph volcano 'Fuego'... and made a new friend.

10 Jan 2019

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