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Multiple skyscrapers photographed from the ground. ARTICLE

Consider the ‘why’ before AI

Cutting through the AI hype with words of advice for businesses who want to become ‘AI first’.

04 Dec 2018
A selection of plates, beautifully arranged. Vegetables, meats and assorted bread. ARTICLE

Chefstagram: the new word of mouth

Delicious is no longer enough. Today’s restaurants have to make their food and dining experiences sexy and shareable for the Instagram generation.

06 Dec 2018
A recreated 18th century wallpaper with patterns of Lily of the Valley is used in a modern bedroom interior. ARTICLE

No white walls – tradition, colour and interiors

Maria & Jorunn found the perfect wallpaper at Gimle Gård in Norway. But when they couldn’t find it to buy, they took matters into their own hands.

27 Nov 2018
a bird's-eye view of group of people working on their laptops ARTICLE

When you know, you know

Canon Female Photojournalist of the Year 2018, Laura Morton talks about growing up, her inspirations and the San Francisco tech scene.

29 Nov 2018
Dozens of open books, laid flat. ARTICLE

Writing Relationships

The symbiotic relationship between publisher, author and reader has never been stronger than in the age of online communities.

22 Nov 2018
Photograph of an exhibit at the AV Stumpfl Museum, showing a typical ghostly scene that would have been projected by a Laterna Magica. ARTICLE

Laterna Magica – the simple device that changed the way we view the world.

Canon partner AV Stumpfl have a museum of projector technology. We take a look at one of the oldest artfects, the Laterna Magica, how it was used and its legacy.

05 Nov 2018
Image of Wim Tellier's 'respect' installation ARTICLE

An impression of infinity

Artist Wim Tellier turns photography into huge installations of 'landscape art'. The latest is a 1km long print installation entitled 'Share'.

12 Oct 2018
Image of young girl and her father looking at the rubble of the school. ARTICLE

In times of conflict

A school in Iraq was destroyed during the Battle of Ramadi. After its rebuild, the students were taught how to tell their story through photography.

09 Oct 2018
Visually impaired man using QR code at crossing ARTICLE

The vital journey to a tactile world

Through new tactile print technology, braille is being used to help the blind and visually impaired navigate through towns and cities.

02 Oct 2018
Image of treasured memories in a box. ARTICLE

Passing on your digital shoebox

Your digital life holds cherished memories. How do we make sure our online images are respected and passed on to the people we love when we die?

24 Sep 2018

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