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An explosion of CMYK colour from the centre of the image outwards. ARTICLE

Print power: innovative, human, sustainable

Print’s not going anywhere. During a panel discussion at Expo 2020 Dubai, print professionals looked to the future and the many powerful opportunities.

25 November 2021
A person in a light-coloured t-shirt, photographed from the back, against a natural green background. They have their tattooed arms held in the air, above their head, as though holding their red hair up. © Marta Sobilo ARTICLE

Lifting the mask: stories of neurodiversity

Photographer Marta Sobilo’s recent diagnosis of autism and ADHD has inspired her to share the stories of a ‘lost generation’ of neurodiverse women.

22 November 2021
On the left is a small glass bottle on its side. It contains bright yellow powder. Beside it to the right are small piles of bright blue, yellow and red powder. This is all against a black background. ARTICLE

Fluorescents: a brightly coloured accident

Plenty of things have been discovered by accident. But fluorescent colours? Both Turner’s glowing yellow and today’s neon pink have unusual origins.

18 November 2021
A pair of hands with short, dark red painted nails rest on a partially filled colouring sheet of black and white illustrated flowers. ARTICLE

De-stress from your desk

Stress is something we’re all familiar with but what can we do to prepare ourselves for it? We share a few simple ways to ease the pressure every day.

11 November 2021
A dark scene of blues and greys, with black trees of differing sizes in the foreground and steep mountains on either side of the image, forming a valley through which you can see a glimpse of light through the clouds. A bird flies between the mountains, very nearly at the dead centre of the image. ARTICLE

Perfectly imperfect

Canon Ambassador Valtteri Hirvonen confesses to being a “bit of a rebel”, but his dark day shoots and grainy images belie a sense of unexpected calm.

28 October 2021
A head and shoulders photo of a little child, wearing a white and yellow top and with a high ponytail, held with a red bow. She is facing left and has one hand raised to her cheek. ARTICLE

In the middle of it all…

“Home has been a complicated subject for me,” writes Rukhsar Barakzai. In a powerful open letter, she tells of her Afghan roots and growing up in the UK.

25 October 2021
An aerial view of a huge, panelled circular building, emitting golden light that has a cylindrical opening at the top. It is surrounded by smaller versions of itself, sat atop tall metal ‘stems’, all slightly angled in different directions. Beyond the building are other less unusual buildings, lit with white lights. ARTICLE

Expo 2020 Dubai: Connecting minds, creating the future

Once known as ‘The World Fair’, these global events have given us innovations we just can’t live without – Expo 2020 Dubai looks set to do the same.

21 October 2021
A black and white engraving of Johannes Gutenberg in which he is depicted with a long beard and what appears to be a high, fur-trimmed hat and matching high-necked jacket. ARTICLE

Thanks Johannes! 4 great things the Gutenberg printing press gave the modern world

Life without print? No thanks! We celebrate International Print Day by exploring how Johannes Gutenbergs’s Printing Press changed the world forever.

18 October 2021
A man dressed in white PPE takes the temperature of a women as she sits up in bed. She is wearing a black niqab and on one side of her is a high brown wood chest of draws with six drawers and a lamp and assorted objects on top. On the other side is a barred window, through whIch you can see the figure of a man wearing a face covering. On the far left of the photo is the side view of a man wearing a white kameez and white topi. He also wears a black protective face covering. ARTICLE

There is no place like hope

Canon Ambassador, Michele Spatari uses his camera to share untold stories of the pandemic in South Africa, showing that hope exists amidst the turmoil.

11 October 2021
A woman sits on the floor surrounded by fine art prints in the Japanese style. They predominantly in black, grey and red. She has shoulder-length dark hair and wears a beige skirt, white sneakers and a bleck vest-style top. On the left and right of the shot are two tables, one with a green plant on top and a black and white printed textile in front. The other with some books stacked on top and prints in front of it. ARTICLE

Chromakane for the soul

For Jessie, AKA Chromakane, art was a way of coping with Covid lockdowns, and before long she was part of a community helping others to do the same.

07 October 2021

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