Canon is Technical Sponsor of the Cetacean Sanctuary Research project

Canon is the Technical Sponsor of the Cetacean Sanctuary Research project in the Pelagos Sanctuary created by the Tethys Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and study of the marine environment. Thanks to this collaboration, the research program use professional photographic and video equipment supplied by Canon Italy to allow researchers to collect high-quality material used for both scientific and educational purposes.


The Cetacean Sanctuary Research (CSR) program constitutes a unique opportunity to observe whales and dolphins in the Ligurian Sea Sanctuary, in their natural environment and at the same time contribute to their survival and the conservation of populations. Thanks to the partnership with Canon, which is renewed again this year, the program will have at its disposal various types of solutions particularly suited to the needs of filming at sea: the exceptional image power of the XC15 video camera which, in a compact body design, allows you to record extraordinary movies and the EOS 6D MARK II camera is ideal for its high-precision focusing ability that guarantees maximum sharpness and images rich in detail.

The relationship between cetaceans, their habitat and anthropic impacts is the main focus of the research of the Tethys Institute, which with the Cetacean Sanctuary Research has witnessed the evolution of the ecosystem in the Pelagos Sanctuary, an international marine protected area of ​​almost 90,000 km2 which includes the Corsican-Ligurian-Provençal basin; the photos taken with Canon equipment made it possible to identify the individuals and reconstruct the stories of the marine mammals of this particular protected area and communicate it to the general public. This is the largest amount of scientific data collected in the entire Mediterranean which has the privilege of hosting all eight species of whales and dolphins of the Mare Nostrum.

After the lockdown period, research cruises resumed, opening up to the public as usual, to give participants the opportunity to support researchers in all the activities conducted at sea. The initiative, inaugurated at the end of June, will continue with the support of Canon until September.

Canon's support for the Cetacean Sanctuary Research project reflects the brand's commitment and focus on the environment and community, which is an integral part of Canon's management structure, product design, manufacturing and corporate culture.