Canon publishes Integrated Report 2023

LONDON, May 25, 2023—Canon Inc. announced today that the company has published1 the Canon Integrated Report 2023 (English Edition) on its corporate website. The Report is designed to help investors, shareholders and other stakeholders achieve a greater understanding of Canon.

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The Canon Integrated Report 2023 (English Edition):

Formerly included in the Canon Sustainability Report, which covered a wide range of topics such as Canon’s business performance, financial situation and ESGs, the Canon Integrated Report is henceforth published separately for the first time. The Integrated Report primarily focuses on explaining issues of great interest to Canon‘s stakeholders—primarily investors and shareholders— such as the company’s long-term vision, its stance on creating new value, and business strategies.

The Canon Integrated Report 2023 explains the company’s strategies and initiatives regarding its business, R&D, human resources, finances and intellectual property intended to “Accelerate our productivity improvement and corporate portfolio transformation through new business creation,” the basic policy for Phase VI (2021-2025) of Canon’s Excellent Global Corporation Plan series of five-year business plans.

In addition, the Report contains information about issues of significant importance to Canon and initiatives designed to address such issues, including its relation with the environment and society, as well as corporate governance. –

Going forward, Canon will continue to value communication with all of its stakeholders while striving to raise its corporate value through various business activities.

The Canon Sustainability Report 2023 (English Edition2), which contains detailed information regarding Canon’s sustainability initiatives, will be made available online from late May 2023.

  1. The Japanese edition of the Canon Integrated Report 2023 can be accessed via the following website:
  2. The Japanese edition of the Canon Sustainability Report 2023 can be accessed via the following website: