Canon Therefore™ wins Gold medal in ITRG awards

Jarek Jedowski
Jarek Jedowski

Product Marketing Manager, Canon EMEA

Whenever I face a significant purchase such as a new motorbike or holiday, I seek out other people’s experiences with the same product. This helps me to narrow down my choices beyond what I can find in dry technical specifications or glossy sales brochures.
Similarly, when picking a new software provider for your business, you aren’t short of options. Quite the opposite, in fact. But Google reviews for B2B software are few and far between – and the stakes are often higher. What you really need are reviews and ratings by end-user professionals, for end-user professionals.
That’s why I wanted to show you the latest report by Software Reviews, a division of research and advisory company Info-Tech Research Group (ITRG). It collected customer experience data to create its ‘Data Quadrant Report on Enterprise Content Management’.
Drawing on 731 reviews from actual software users in business and IT, the report ranks 17 leading products in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) space, helping you make the right decision when you’re looking for better ways to manage your business documents and processes.
Software Reviews rated the full software experience using detailed feedback from professionals. This included customers’ satisfaction with the software itself – but also the experience customers have with the vendor.
Ultimately, in such a hotly contested space, our customers set the pace. If people didn’t like our product and have a bad experience with us, it would reduce trust across the entire market.
So I was proud to see Canon’s Therefore™ document management system singled out by our customers in several areas. As a result, Software Reviews categorised Therefore™ as a ‘leader’ in their data quadrant graph representing the ECM market, and Therefore™ received a Gold medal.

canon therefore wins itrg awards

Therefore™’s users praised its file approval and e-signature capabilities, as well as its workflow process automation.
Another standout for me was the high score for ‘ease of implementation’. The report aims to show ‘which software is easy to implement, and which may jeopardize your goals by causing trouble in this stage’– and our customers agree that our Therefore™ software fits squarely into the former category.

How did we achieve this?

Therefore™ uses a powerful workflow engine to bring structure and automation to critical business processes, increasing efficiency across your organisation.
You can automate the incoming information flow with the Content Connector, to sort and save data from watched folders, email inboxes, cloud storage and more.
This helps Therefore™ deliver a fast and streamlined flow of information, with secure access, storage, capture, editing and processing whenever and wherever you need it.
Want to see for yourself? Visit the Therefore™ page to download the Software Reviews report and learn more about our prize-winning product.