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Drawing on the themes and ‘Make It Mantras’ from Canon’s Insight Report, our hosts Jo Lloyd and Jacky Hobson guide you through the opportunities and challenges of the printing world with the industry’s most engaging experts.

Explore what’s hot in printing, what customers need from a print service provider today, and how to foster additional revenue streams by expanding your value proposition. Discover how digital print capabilities are evolving and why print is a powerful tool that should be in every marketer’s box.

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Our hosts

Meet the hosts leading the conversation on Print Matters.

  • HOST

    Jacky Hobson

    Marketing consultant and print enthusiast, Jacky is always keen to learn more from those in and around the industry, and to understand their take on what its future holds.

  • HOST

    Jo Lloyd

    Print industry veteran Jo Lloyd brings her hands-on experience to the conversation. Diving into new ideas and technological advancements, she looks for practical ways to innovate and improve performance, within businesses of all sizes.

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