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What to consider when assessing potential flatbed printers whitepaper

What to consider when assessing a flatbed printer

All you need to know to take advantage of the opportunities that flatbed printing can bring to grow your business.

08 Jul 2022
people gathered around table CASE STUDY

Williams Lea Case Study

Discover how Canon's MPS technology enhances Williams Lea’s global offering

29 Jul 2022
A group discussing goals in a professional setting ARTICLE

New opportunities in business communications with inkjet

Find out more about how hybrid and convergence applications are driving new growth in business communications.

27 Jul 2022
Pixartprinting staff operating Canon ProStream CASE STUDY

Pixartprinting maintains competitive advantage

Find out how Pixartprinting achieved improved ease of use, productivity and uptime with a streamlined, end-to-end workflow.

27 Jul 2022
Team discussing business goals ARTICLE

Streamlining for production efficiency

Discover how to rethink your processes and achieve production efficiency.

13 Jul 2022
FLXfinish+ enables high-value applications ARTICLE

FLXfinish+ enables high-value applications

FLXfinish+ offers mixed matte-gloss large format graphics applications. Here’s how it works.

08 Jul 2022

ESP Smile case study

ESP Smile gifting market success propelled by Colorado 1650

07 Jul 2022
Iconic Display CASE STUDY

Iconic Display case study

Colorado 1650 at Iconic Display ramps up production and fuels growth thanks to improved colour output & trouble-free tiling at greater speeds.

07 Jul 2022
UWV delivers an outstanding multichannel experience Case Study

UWV Case Study

UWV collaborated with Canon to design a bespoke end-to-end customer communications solution to match the organisation’s unique outbound messaging needs

05 Jul 2022
The device that’s become a staple CASE STUDY

The device that’s become a staple

Saving time by accelerating scan workflows and digitizing documents faster and safer than ever before.

18 Apr 2022
Class of 2021 printed invitation application ARTICLE

Showcasing students with programmatic print

Find out how programmatic print to increased engagement for the 'Class of 2021' campaign.

09 Mar 2022
Integrity Print pivots strategy to respond to the market CASE STUDY

Integrity Print pivots strategy to respond to the market

Integrity Print is on a journey from being a pure print house to becoming a communications provider.

03 Apr 2022
instant staple remover CASE STUDY

The ‘instant staple remover’ overcomes business challenges

Homnia is a notary office. The 47 employees and 15 notaries are split between 2 sites (in Villeurbanne and Lyon). The organisation's multidisciplinary teams support and advise all professionals and individuals in all areas of notarial practice.

22 Mar 2022
The importance of print in retail - Calico Jack case study Case Study

The importance of print in retail case study

See how Calico Jack enhanced emotion and elevated products in their retail stores, with the help of Canon.

04 May 2022
Owners of Alfa Discs looking at frisbee printed on with and Arizona flatbed printer Case Study

A growing family business in an increasingly popular sport

Learn how frisbee manufacturer Alfa Discs grow their business with the help of the Arizona flatbed printer.

03 Mar 2022
How UVgel technology helps creativity come to life CASE STUDY

How UVgel technology helps creativity come to life

See how Vegan Junk Food Bar completely redecorated one of their branches in Amsterdam.

25 Feb 2022
a man looking at his phone ARTICLE

CSRD is coming: Four ways to make your organisation more sustainable

Find out more about how Canon’s EQ80 devices could help your business achieve its sustainability goals.

25 Apr 2022
a man sitting on a bench working on laptop ARTICLE

Sustainability, it’s in the Details

Make the first step towards a sustainable future with our expert technology.

25 Apr 2022
Owner of Lafrentz talking about ColorWave 3000 series CASE STUDY

Every construction project starts with printing

Learn how Lafrentz is able to manage large engineering print jobs efficiently with high quality and maximum flexibility.

01 Jul 2022
Neon Print Is Now ARTICLE

Neon Print Is Now

Find out how you can stay ahead of the colour trend with our new generation of imagePROGRAF large format printers.

15 Feb 2022
Severn drives growth with the varioPRINT iX-series CASE STUDY

Severn drives growth with the varioPRINT iX-series

Print supplier Severn adds inkjet technology to acquire new customers and grow their business.

07 Feb 2022


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