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Woman speaks to man in her tablet Business Transformation

Report: The trends reshaping customer experience

The CX landscape moves fast. Want to stay one step ahead? Get the first look at the changes coming to the CX industry

03 Sep 2019
Speed book Articles

Speed campaign

A digitally printed success story.

29 Aug 2019
Man tailors suit on mannequin Business Transformation

Why personalisation is the secret to excellent customer experience

Tailored experiences boost customer loyalty

25 Jul 2019
Blurred city lights Business Transformation

Legacy infrastructure: How to overcome the CX challenge

Scale legacy barriers to digital transformation

25 Jul 2019
Frustrated woman looks at her phone Business Transformation

5 customer experience failings, and how to avoid them

How customer comms can make or break your business

25 Jul 2019
Smiling blonde woman pays in shop ARTICLES

5 ways to build loyalty with customer communication

Meet the demands of pickier, less loyal consumers

25 Jul 2019
Future Book Forum 2019 Article

Join us at Canon Future Promotion Forum 2019

The Canon Future Promotion Forum 2019 provides an innovative platform for industry experts to share insights, inspiration and experience on how to boost customer engagement.

17 Jul 2019
Future Book Forum 2019 Article

Join us at Canon Production Printing Business Days 2019

The place to be if you are a print service provider looking to see real end-to-end digital printing solutions that drive future-proof business models.

17 Jul 2019
Future Book Forum 2019 Article

Join us at Canon Future Book Forum 2019

Helping publishers, book printers, book distributors and industry influencers to achieve intelligent growth in today’s increasingly digital world.

17 Jul 2019
Group working together Insights

Collaborative innovation fuels growth

How digital technology and collaborative innovation help accelerate ROI.

16 Jul 2019
President of Ingenidoc talking about applications of Océ VarioPrint i300 CASE STUDIES

Ingenidoc Boosts Speeds and Productivity With Digital Inkjet

With the Océ VarioPrint i300, Ingenidoc more than doubled their production speed for books and leaflets, enabling them to reduce turnaround times.

16 Jul 2019
The automation dilemma ARTICLES

The automation dilemma

Why are so few Print Service Providers (PSPs) automated?

08 Jul 2019
Sign posts pointing in opposite directions Article

Customer experience maturity index

Discover how to improve your business's customer experience, with Canon's CX maturity index

06 Jul 2019
Ancient Aztec ruin in forest ARTICLES

Agile marketing: the key to the treasure chest

Read the final chapter of our eBook to discover why agile marketing is becoming the industry standard

02 Jul 2019
Rock climbing man leans down to take someone's hand Articles

Chapter 2: A collaborative approach to the customer journey

Read the next chapter or our eBook to discover more about boosting business collaboration

02 Jul 2019
Toucan on branch ARTICLES

Balancing personalisation and privacy

Read the next chapter in Canon's eBook to discover more about how your business should manage customer communications

02 Jul 2019
Person studying compass and map Article

The CX journey: An uncharted adventure

Map your journey to market-leading customer experience

14 Jun 2019


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