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Reducing the environmental footprint of marketing initiatives

Discover effective strategies for minimising the environmental impact of your marketing campaigns. Read our article for practical tips and insights.

01 Jun 2023
The Original is unbeatable The original is unbeatable

Canon's genuine LUCIA ink

Always choose genuine Canon LUCIA inks instead of any non-Canon inks. Never make any compromises on quality of prints.

17 Oct 2022

Caro makes any interior stand out with print

How Caro grew their business with a specialised and automated production line for printed interior design elements: the UVgel Wallpaper Factory

05 Aug 2022
instant staple remover CASE STUDY

The ‘instant staple remover’ overcomes business challenges

Homnia is a notary office. The 47 employees and 15 notaries are split between 2 sites (in Villeurbanne and Lyon). The organisation's multidisciplinary teams support and advise all professionals and individuals in all areas of notarial practice.

22 Mar 2022
State-of-the-art Arizona and Colorado systems help P11 ARTICLE

State-of-the-art Arizona and Colorado systems help P11

Thanks to its advanced fleet of modern equipment, P11 Group is able to adapt quickly to market needs.

27 Jan 2022
Three colleagues working together on a project ARTICLE

The publishing ‘triangle of expertise’

Find out how Planeta, Liber Digital and Canon successfully integrated book life cycle management.

06 Oct 2021
Looking to make your print production more sustainable? ARTICLE

Looking to make your print production more sustainable?

Find out about the environmental benefits of Canon production inkjet technology

12 May 2021
Man jumping between rocks, sunset background ARTICLE

DATEV installs the first ColorStream 8000 series press

DATEV discusses the requirements of their customers and the role the new system plays in meeting them.

17 May 2021
Fabulous applications with Colorado 1640 CASE STUDIES

Fabulous applications with Colorado 1640

Quality and reliability are paramount at De Bink. They bought a Colorado 1640 to print fabulous applications.

21 Feb 2020
Optimising the omnichannel ARTICLES

Optimising the omnichannel

Explore how to create customer journeys that deliver real returns by synchronising online and offline

15 Apr 2020
Canon Future Promotion Forum EVENT

Future Promotion Forum 2020

Creating emotion in a data-driven world. Join marketing, technology innovators and service providers, as they share the most effective ways of customer communication at this online conference.

26 May 2020
VarioPrint i300 at NHA

Printing course and educational material on demand

With the VarioPrint i300 and COSMOS, NHA has transitioned to 100% on-demand production of educational material.

07 Jan 2020
Advances with 5G CME ARTICLES

How to make 5G work for you

Wireless advances with 5G & security practices

29 Aug 2019

Ways to avoid data breaches in education

The risks of a data breach increase every year, and education institutions can take proactive steps to ensure their data is secure.

19 Aug 2019
The automation dilemma ARTICLES

The automation dilemma

Why are so few Print Service Providers (PSPs) automated?

08 Jul 2019
President of Ingenidoc talking about applications of VarioPrint i300 CASE STUDIES

Ingenidoc Boosts Speeds and Productivity With Digital Inkjet

With the VarioPrint i300, Ingenidoc more than doubled their production speed for books and leaflets, enabling them to reduce turnaround times.

16 Jul 2019


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