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Arizona 2300 series case study CASE STUDIES

Arizona 2300 series case study

Arizona 2300 series helps Wiking to reduce turnaround times

21 Dec 2020
Fabulous applications with Colorado 1640 CASE STUDIES

Fabulous applications with Colorado 1640

Quality and reliability are paramount at De Bink. They bought a Colorado 1640 to print fabulous applications.

21 Feb 2020
Transforming operations: How to adapt fast in the new normal ARTICLE

Transforming operations: How to adapt fast in the new normal

Learn how to drive operational excellence through transformation.

24 Nov 2020
The New Normal in Customer Communication ARTICLE

The New Normal in Customer Communication

Discover how to transform your technical and tactical approach to customer experience.

24 Nov 2020
Group of friends taking part in book club ARTICLE

Exclusivity: the new growth opportunity in publishing

If publishers are looking to drive demand, they need to deliver content that makes followers feel special.

10 Nov 2020
Imagining the future workplace Infographic ARTICLE

Technology trends shaping the workspace of the future

New and emerging technologies are changing the way people think about where and how they work.

02 Oct 2020
Woman and man sit in their orange and grey chair chatting Business Transformation

Harness the power of information

Solutions guide: Transform your information management with these tools

27 Sep 2020
Bird's eye view camera shot of three adults talking Business Transformation

IT-to-Department Translation Guide

Recognise the IT need at the heart of common department challenges, from data siloes to inefficient workflows

26 Sep 2020
The Future of Workspace Guide ARTICLE

The Future of Workspace Guide

Read Our Guide on the ‘Future of Workspace' and how Canon can help you adapt to the 'New Way of Working'

25 Sep 2020
Understanding the Buying Cycle ARTICLE

The future of offices: are co-working spaces the 'new normal'?

Learn about the benefits of a secure remote workforce and how to adapt your business to help you in this transition

24 Sep 2020
The Many Advantages of Collaborative Working Article

The Many Advantages of Collaborative Working

Collaborative Working is vital to the success of the modern workplace post the Covid19 crisis.

23 Sep 2020
Confident Professionals Discussing in Office Morsa Article

How to Deliver a Secure Digital Workspace Guide

Our solutions and services can help you secure all your documents and sensitive data without impacting people’s ability to access the information they require to do their job

17 Nov 2020
Harnessing cloud article ARTICLE

Cloud is the new normal

How the cloud can help businesses to overcome the challenges of the "new normal"

17 Nov 2020
Harnessing cloud ebook ARTICLE

eBook: Harness the cloud in future workspaces

Remote collaboration is more prevalent than ever, we look at how cloud is enabling tomorrow’s workspace

17 Nov 2020
Man pinning print onto wall ARTICLES

Print’s power of touch

In this article, we explore how brands can use print’s power of touch to boost customer engagement and build relationships.

01 Sep 2020
Speaker at Future Book Forum 2019 EVENT

Future Book Forum 2020

Join publishers, printers and experts in this online summit as we shape the future of the book industry.

31 Aug 2020
Rethinking the future of work Article

Rethinking the future of work

How COVID-19 makes us reimagine the way we work. The modern-day workspace: putting people and technology first

28 Aug 2020
Making print tactile CASE STUDIES

Making print tactile

Creating added value for visually impaired people with relief printing

17 Jul 2020
How to Use LinkedIn for Business ARTICLE

Getting started with LinkedIn

Discover the benefits of LinkedIn for promoting your business and communicating with your customers through some simple tips on how to get started

15 Jul 2020
How to be a better listener for business success ARTICLE

Listen up, improve your customer conversations

Learn how to have meaningful conversations with your customers by examining how to truly listen

15 Jul 2020
Facebook for Business Use ARTICLE

Getting started with Facebook for business use

Discover the benefits of Facebook for promoting your business and communicating with your customers through some simple tips on how to get started

15 Jul 2020
Understand Your Competition ARTICLE

Understand Your Competition

Knowing who your competitors are, and what they are offering, can help you to make your products, services and marketing stay on top

15 Jul 2020
The Ultimate Guide to Using Twitter for Business ARTICLE

The Ultimate Guide to Using Twitter for Business

An introduction to creating and managing a Twitter account for business use

15 Jul 2020
How will technology change the workplace in the future Article

How will technology change the future workplace

Looking at the future of business and changes impacting today’s global workforce, we must reimagine the workplace

14 Jul 2020
Why cloud tech is inseparable Article

Four Ways Cloud Computing Will Change Our Lives

Cloud computing is changing our lives in many ways and it's here to stay in one form or another

14 Jul 2020
Black and white image of faces with one image in colour ARTICLE

Getting started with programmatic print

How can service providers start benefiting from Programmatic Print? This article gives you some tips.

13 Jul 2020
Understanding the Buying Cycle ARTICLE

Remote work is here to stay: are you ready?

Find out how remote working is shaping the digital workplace of tomorrow

07 Jul 2020
Working remotely with Therefore - Webinar Article

Working remotely with Therefore - Webinar

Learn about the benefits of a remote workforce, how to adapt your business, and how Therefore can help you in this transition

07 Jul 2020
Print your business recovery ARTICLE

Print your business recovery

Print can play a positive and vital role in reinvigorating brands' post-crisis marketing activity.

03 Jul 2020
Woman with long ginger hair works at a standing desk amongst colleagues Business Transformation

Solutions guide: Customer Communications Management

How to successfully scale outbound customer communications, without breaking the bank

01 Jul 2020
Woman smiles at a colleague while both sat at a white desk with a bright green plant. Article

Why IT leaders need to future-proof their customer comms

Why a flexible, automated platform is crucial to good CX

01 Jul 2020
Woman sits on blue chair in front of a plant and talks to two people Business Transformation

Unlocking potential: A guide to better information management

Information is the currency of our digital world. Discover how to unlock its potential for your business

01 Jul 2020
Colleagues working on computers in a shared office space with exposed brick and wooden floor Article

The Evolution of the IT Department

Caroline Sefass, Canon CIO gives her predictions on the future of IT

01 Jul 2020
Canon Future Promotion Forum EVENT

Future Promotion Forum 2020

Creating emotion in a data-driven world. Join marketing, technology innovators and service providers, as they share the most effective ways of customer communication at this online conference.

26 May 2020
Flexibility and high print quality Case Study

Flexibility and high print quality

Hurks repro can now respond to diverse and urgent orders thanks to a high print speed, 40 possible media types and the possibility to scan and fold drawings.

15 May 2020
Digital wallpaper printing done right ARTICLE

Digital wallpaper printing guide

With the global home décor market growing exponentially, are you ready for the digital print revolution? Find out.

14 May 2020
Case: wallpaper printing on Colorado 1650 CASE STUDIES

High-quality wallpaper printing

Thanks to the Colorado 1650, De Resolutie can create unique designs with matte and gloss print effects.

04 May 2020

Intelligent print production case study

IT-specialist QITS fuels future growth with intelligent print production concept

23 Apr 2020
Bestdeco, specialist in wall decoration CASE STUDIES

Bestdeco, specialist in wall decoration

High quality and speed are very important

15 Apr 2020
Waterfall in rainforest ARTICLES

eBook: The CX Journey: An uncharted adventure

Explore the trends impacting the customer experience landscape, and how to arm yourself for the adventure

06 Apr 2020
Arizona 1300 series at Seriflex CASE STUDIES

Tailor-made applications on almost any material

Thanks to their Arizona digital flatbed printers, Seriflex can print small, tailor-made editions at a high quality on almost any material.

01 Apr 2020
ProStream at Otava CASE STUDIES

Embracing digital print for book lifecycle management

Otava transfered a significant percentage of all production from offset to on-demand printing with a view towards shorter-runs and improved book lifecycle management in the future.

28 Feb 2020
Colorado 1640 at DPN Rikken CASE STUDIES

More creative opportunities - Colorado 1640

Dutch Commercial print DPN Rikken foresees a bright future thanks to the Colorado 1640.

28 Feb 2020
Woman reading a magazine ARTICLES

Tapping into new magazine potential

With the latest advancements in print technologies and automated workflows, smart data, targeted or even super personalized content is now possible in print.

17 Feb 2020
True print automation - 24 hour production CASE STUDIES

True print automation - 24 hour production

Investing in the future with print robotisation

31 Jan 2020
UVgel technology whitepaper ARTICLES

UVgel technology whitepaper

Learn more about the changing roll-to-roll market and how UVgel technology can help you to stay on top of your game. Download the whitepaper.

16 Jan 2020
VarioPrint i300 at NHA CASE STUDIES

Printing course and educational material on demand

With the VarioPrint i300 and COSMOS, NHA has transitioned to 100% on-demand production of educational material.

07 Jan 2020
Laser Cut Studio Case Study CASE STUDIES

Laser Cut Studio Case Study

More streamlined processes bring efficiency to production.

29 Nov 2019
Managing HR data Business Transformation

Managing HR data

Achieve efficient and compliant information management

26 Nov 2019
Woman with basketball in front of blue wall ARTICLES

HR solutions handbook

Conquer your daily HR challenges with Canon's digital HR solutions guide

22 Nov 2019
Sign posts pointing in opposite directions ARTICLES

HR Digital Maturity Index

Discover the next step for your HR function, with our HR maturity index

21 Nov 2019
Bringing dynamic one-to-one marketing to life CASE STUDIES

Bringing dynamic one-to-one marketing to life

Eversfrank and SDM explain how they use the right mix of data, print and online communications to help their customers to reach their target audiences.

06 Nov 2019
Man looking at a printed document ARTICLES

Five ways print can enhance marketing campaigns

Is print the missing ingredient in your marketing mix? Here are five ways print marketing adds value.

06 Nov 2019

Centralisation for largescale optimisation

Swedish bank, Handelsbanken moves to a centralised print ecosystem to support its ambitious growth plans

04 Nov 2019
Peter Fisk presenting on stage at Future Book Forum 2018 CASE STUDIES

Communities: the next step for publishing

Explore why publishers need to look 'beyond the book'

04 Nov 2019
Digital book printing on demand case study CASE STUDIES

Digital book printing on demand case study

Book printer Grafica Veneta reduced print times and warehousing costs and are impressed with speed and offset-like quality.

01 Nov 2019
Livonia Print employees CASE STUDIES

Book specialist makes digital vision reality with Canon

Livonia Print explains how they took advantage of digital inkjet opportunities for shorter runs to grow their business.

01 Nov 2019
Woman speaks to man in her tablet Business Transformation

Report: The trends reshaping customer experience

The CX landscape moves fast. Want to stay one step ahead? Get the first look at the changes coming to the CX industry

03 Sep 2019
Speed book Articles

Speed campaign

A digitally printed success story.

29 Aug 2019
Group of four doing a puzzle ARTICLES

A guide to HR digital compliance

Learn why now is the right time to digitise your documents

11 Jun 2019


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