Building for the Cloud

Why adopting cloud means more than lift and shift

Yohann Jennepin
Yohann Jennepin

Solution Architect, Global Services


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Yohann Jennepin talks digital transformation with an audience of customers
Yohann Jennepin talks digital transformation with an audience of customers

How does this work at scale?

With years of historical information, customer data and long-entrenched ways of working, this challenge can seem insurmountable. Against this backdrop, it’s easy to want to cut corners - but take your time. Focus on collaborating with partners and customers, both inside and outside your organisation. Don’t give in to the temptation of racing into the cloud.

The main thing to remember is that everything that makes the transition needs to be designed for the environment it’s going to be used in. Just moving your existing applications won’t automatically provide all the dynamic features of the cloud. You need to have a plan that helps your transition run one step at a time, specifically adapting your current set up to be more suitable for a cloud setting.

Yohann Jennepin demonstrating the power of the cloud with clients

How do you work out where to focus your energy?

Your first step should be to work out where transformation can deliver the most ROI. Front-end, customer-facing processes should be a top priority. Transitioning these workflows to the cloud allows your business to be more agile. Customer preferences are fast-changing, and to be able to capitalise on them, companies need to be able to adapt their offering, fast. By using a cloud platform, you can easily add new capabilities and channels, tapping into new revenue streams and meeting customer expectations. Create your cloud plan by prioritising the workflows which directly impact customer experience. 

With your plan in place, a more flexible, responsive and efficient way of working is just around the corner. 

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