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Imaging: your transformation journey starts here

Xander Groenewegen
Xander Groenewegen

Director, Global Services

Transformation. Agility. Big data. There’s a whole list of buzzwords that come to mind when you think about the world your business plays in and today’s rapid pace of change. Change that is both driven and supported by technology.

In fact, every business we work with is undergoing digital transformation in some shape or form and it’s time to recognise that it’s not an overnight process. Realising a global business’s economic potential is now intrinsically linked to digitisation and that means learning to balance legacy, manual and digital operations whilst keeping the day-to-day of your organisation up and running efficiently. It’s an ongoing journey that requires expert support you can trust.

While a paperless office is still a distant reality for many businesses, imaging can represent the start of the journey to digital. Capturing information through scanning allows you to kick off the transition, turning manual information into digital data which can be indexed, monitored and analysed.

And that’s where we come in.

Xander Groenewegen speaking at Canon Global Services engagement event
At the Canon Global Services customer engagement event

That said, this new digital world can open up threats as well as opportunities. And these threats are a daily reality for businesses today. At the event, our Director of Information Security, Quentyn Taylor, explained how we can help our customers protect themselves and their customers in turn.

While the focus is often on the big digital security issues involving hacks and viruses, effective information security should actually be more holistic and incorporate data in every format. Vital information is leaking out of businesses, not just through complex internet enabled attacks, but through the loss or theft of printed documents. At the same time, office devices have become increasingly more connected and also need to be secured to prevent them becoming ‘back doors’ for access to company systems and data. Basic cyber security hygiene is simply a must for any business.

Xander Groenewegen speaking at Canon Global Services engagement event
Director of Information Security, Quentyn Taylor

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming executives from a variety of industries, including motor manufacturing, engineering and food production, to our new showroom in Paris where they discovered the exciting ways that imaging is changing the world. And it’s not just the development of lenses in space telescopes and the advancing of critical medical systems that you might expect.

On the global business stage, imaging and information come together to drive technological advances across a range of industries. Mixed and augmented reality, industrial robots with 3D recognition capabilities, automated systems. So many fantastic solutions, built on a core of imaging technology, which provide data to make processes like manufacturing, production and printing staggeringly more efficient.

Xander Groenewegen speaking at Canon Global Services engagement event
The product showcase area at Canon Global Services customer engagement event

We’re already looking forward to our next event for our global partners and the insightful discussions that come alongside it. In a year, will we be facing the same challenges as we are today? What new digital advances will we have seen? How will it have impacted key international industries?

Want to get a further insight into taking a more strategic approach to your digital transformation in the meantime?