Think Book Business Model Guide #2 On-demand book printing

Learn how a 'first sell, then print' model could transform your business

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The automation revolution

By working closely together, book producers and publishers can automate their workflows to achieve 24/7/365 performance. Find out how in the second Think Books Business Model Guide.

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First sell, then print

There was a time when, for a book to be published, demand had to be more or less guaranteed.

But for today’s publishers, on-demand production opens up new opportunities and is a logical progression from the short-run and book lifecycle management models. Instead of ‘first print, then sell’ it is now possible to do precisely the opposite.

But adopting an on-demand model requires commitment, collaboration, and new attitudes to cost. Find out if you’re ready for on-demand book production in the second of three Canon Think Books Business Model Guides. This guide will appeal to book printers who want to:

  • Adopt a 'first sell, then print' business model
  • Offer custom print to customers
  • Automate workflows to handle single orders

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