Canon & Calico Jack

Enhancing emotion and elevating products

The importance of print in a retail environment.
Canon x Calico Jack

Keeping the retail experience fresh

Calico Jack offers a retail experience in Venlo where they sell and showcase cool, stylish and innovative clothing and shoes. They want to keep the experience for customers fresh, so they partnered with Canon to print eye-catching retail applications. From hangtags and labels to complete the luxury experience, to lenticulars with stopping power.

The changing rooms were spiced up with wallpaper and wall panels. A floor tattoo next to the in-store bar underlines their partnership with a well-know beverage brand. A photo wall with magnetic posters enables them to change the photos themselves to suit their needs.

All applications are printed on the Colorado roll-to-roll and Arizona flatbed printers. Customers and brands are very impressed with the whole retail experience and are already looking into ways to extend the use of print in retail. Calico Jack is a prime example of how high-quality print can fuel emotion and really elevate products and brands.

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