VarioStream 4000 series

Robust continuous feed printing for high productivity and quality

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Proven toner technology combined with the latest controller technology

The VarioStream 4000 is a highly flexible continuous feed toner printing system that offers high quality and productivity for monochrome applications in heavy production environments, easy intuitive operation and seamless workflow integration.

Application and media flexibility

Powered by the latest SRA controller, it supports IPDS (IS/3), PCL6 and PDF and offers more application flexibility including the latest fonts and imagery. Thanks to the robust technology and low fusing temperature you can handle challenging media from light weight to paper labels or pre-printed offset media.

Seamless workflow integration

The VarioStream 4000 fits seamlessly into existing monochrome and colour workflows. Print both colour and black-and-white documents beautifully in 256 shades of grey.

Growth flexibility

Benefit from the unparalleled flexibility to meet your changing print requirements and easily upgrade the speed and configuration in the future.


"The VarioStream 4000 strikes the right balance between costs and benefits for what our business will need for the foreseeable future."

Hanno Overath, Dataport

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Powerful solutions

The VarioStream enables efficient and reliable production of direct mail, publishing and transactional applications.

Transactional communications

The VarioStream 4000 helps you to handle the latest fonts and barcodes on your transactional communication. Plus you can add value and include colour images beautifully printed in 256 shades of grey.

Transactional communications

Packaging inserts

Sharply print small fonts for packaging inserts on light weight paper. You can also print on other challenging media like paper labels or pre-printed offset media.

Packaging inserts

Digital book printing

The robustness and productivity of the VarioStream 4000 is not only important for document printing, but also to effectively produce A5 books. Plus the extended print width boosts the productivity by enabling 3-up A5 printing.

Digital book printing

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