Canon Print Studio Pro

Print Studio Pro

Produce exceptionally high quality photographic prints with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom or Canon’s Digital Photo Professional, and harness the full potential of Canon’s EOS digital cameras in Crystal Fidelity.


  • Achieve the best possible output quality on Canon’simagePROGRAF PRO-Series printers.
  • Print photos seamlessly, flexibly and efficiently from Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements and Canon’s Digital Photo Professional applications.
  • Save your ‘favourite settings’ to enhance the accuracy and quality of output, and improve overall productivity.
  • Link your Canon EOS camera with imagePROGRAF PRO-Series printer to achieve unique Crystal Fidelity output quality.
  • Utilise advanced photographic printing workflow capabilities, including batch processing of print jobs.
  • Use the Print Pattern function and print the same image with different tones applied allowing you to select the appropriate effect.
  • Easily install and work with Print Studio Pro, enjoying full cross-platform support for both Windows and Mac devices.

Detailed Features

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Seamless printing workflows

You can set up print jobs direct from industry standard applications, including Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, as well as Canon’s own Digital Photo Professional, in a highly intuitive and user-friendly software environment.

Streamlined print operations

It’s possible to reduce the number of unsatisfactory prints by soft proofing your image on screen* before printing and by using the pattern printing option you can print the same image with different tones applied allowing you to select the appropriate effect you wish to apply to your final print. Favourite settings can be re-used and setting histories recalled. And you can easily set up, run batch print jobs on multiple images.

Image layout capabilities

The applications capabilities are enhanced by Canon’s Print Studio Pro, enabling the image to be positioned, centred, rotated through 90°, have their margins adjusted and more, all as part of the same print job.

Effective colour management

an effective colour management system is used by Canon Print Studio Pro to accurately map colours between Canon hardware and Adobe software interfaces, ensuring there are no colour conversion errors.

Unique Crystal Fidelity output quality

The Contrast Reproduction capabilities of Canon Print Studio Pro, together with the Digital Lens Optimiser (DLO) features of Canon Digital Photo Professional, enable Crystal Fidelity output – faithfully reproducing on paper the full structure, clarity and texture of photographs shot using Canon’s EOS digital cameras. DLO restores degradation caused by bleeding, image deletion and insufficient sharpness or contrast in the shot photo data. Contrast Reproduction accurately reproduces in print the natural sharpness of the image.
*It is recommended that you calibrate your monitor regularly when soft proofing

Product Specification

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Product images are for illustration purposes only. Certain functions are optional. Please refer to the product specifications or contact your Canon sales representative for further details.