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Help reduce print servers and deliver a single integrated platform that increases functionality and lowers cost

PrinterLogic’s Driver Management Solution provides a next-generation, centrally managed direct-IP printing platform that allows organisations to reduce print servers, streamline printing processes and empower their end users.

Key Benefits

Simplify printer driver management and deployment Simplify printer driver management and deployment

Simplify printer driver management and deployment

Reduce infrastructure Reduce infrastructure

Reduce operational costs

Minimise IT helpdesk calls Minimise IT helpdesk calls

Minimize IT help desk calls

Minimise IT helpdesk calls and empower the end user Minimise IT helpdesk calls and empower the end user

Empower end-users and enhance productivity

A Streamlined Solution

With PrinterLogic’s print management solution, thousands of organisations have reduced print servers and gained the ability to manage their entire printer fleet from a single pane of glass—even in globally distributed organisations with mixed fleets numbering in the thousands. PrinterLogic improves printer uptime and reduces help-desk calls by centralizing printer and driver deployment.

The Platform

There are 3 main components that you can easily configure to fit your needs :

ADMIN CONSOLE - Provides IT staff with an interface for defining all the printer objects and assigning drivers, profile settings and deployment options. Settings are configured in profiles and instantly passed down to the endpoint when they are installed. If IT allows users to make changes, these changes are local and will not affect the settings of other users.

SELF-SERVICE PORTAL - A web-based tool with floorplan maps that enables end users to easily identify and install nearby printers. Based on the deployment profiles from IT, only authorised printers will be displayed to users when they look at the map, even if other printers are in the vicinity.

DESKTOP CLIENT - Installed on the end-user desktops, it acts as the communication liaison between the workstation or virtual client and the admin console. It automatically installs select printers on the user’s device and captures usage data that includes user, IP address and operating system.

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