With impressive speed, instinctive controls and innovative technologies, this versatile Wi-Fi DSLR is ideal for exploring new areas of photography and achieving the stunning results your creativity deserves.


  • A responsive camera to keep pace with the action
  • Stunning photo and movie quality in a wide range of conditions
  • Everything you need to develop your photography
  • Perfect for creative videography
  • Easily connect, shoot and share your images and movies

Detailed Features

Take a more detailed look into the Canon EOS 80D

Unlock your creative potential

Fast, instinctive controls and innovative technologies help you easily advance in every area of photography and video. Capture split-second action with 7 fps continuous shooting and a responsive 45 point all cross-type AF system which provides high accuracy in a range of lighting conditions and with a wide range of lenses.

Stunning quality

Capture atmospheric, vivid and detailed images in any situation thanks to the 24.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and the 7,560-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor that gives you accurate exposures. A large ISO sensitivity range of ISO100-16,000 and Flicker Detection give great results in low light and consistent exposure under flickering artificial lights.

Be in control and develop your photography

The Intelligent Viewfinder with 100% frame coverage lets you see everything in your shot while framing and instantly displays shooting settings. Explore creative shooting angles and enjoy intuitive control with the large 7.7cm Vari-Angle LCD touch screen, which you can also use to compose and shoot action with Live View at 5fps shooting with continuous Auto Focus.

Perfect your movies

Shoot Full HD 60p movies with the option to create smooth action sequences or slow motion effects in MP4 format with a choice of frame rates. Dual Pixel CMOS AF provides a powerful Auto Focus system for tracking moving subjects, while Timelapse Movie, HDR and Creative Filters let you create special effects in-camera.

Easy sharing, remote shooting

NFC* and Wi-Fi* makes it simple to connect and control the camera and shoot movies and photos remotely by using the Camera Connect App on compatible smartphones and tablets. Alternatively you can use the EOS Utility software on your Mac or PC to shoot from a distance. You can also use Wi-Fi and NFC to transfer to the Canon Connect Station or print your images with compatible printers.

* When used with compatible devices

Product Specification

Find out more about the Canon EOS 80D, its features and what it can do.

Unlock your creative potential

A powerful, versatile and responsive camera to explore your creativity. EOS 80D excels at sports, portraiture, landscape, street, travel and low light photography – as well as serious movie making, thanks to innovative technologies that help you achieve stunning results in any situation.

    Whats in the box

    A responsive camera to keep pace with the action


    EOS 80D

    Explore new areas of photography

    React instinctively to the moment and catch fast moving sports or wildlife action with ease thanks to a high performance AF system, a maximum 7fps continuous shooting rate and customisable controls.

    EOS 80D

    45 all cross-type point AF System

    Capture split-second sports action with super sharp images even under floodlights, thanks to a highly responsive and accurate Auto Focus system that operates in tough lighting conditions down to -3EV.  A 45 all cross-type AF system gives you the freedom to choose an AF point or area to suit your composition and offer greater precision and control over wider focussing areas for stunning results regardless of where your subject is in the frame.

    7fps continuous shooting

    Give yourself the best chance to capture that fleeting moment thanks to a maximum 7 fps continuous shooting speed at full resolution. Ideal for spontaneous sports and wildlife shots.

      EOS 80D

      27 f/8 compatible AF points

      Keep shooting sharp images using the Auto Focus system when you use different lens combinations and extenders thanks to 27 AF points that support focusing at f/8.

      Customisable controls

      Enjoy the control and flexibility of a mid-range EOS body thanks to customisable controls, top panel LCD and Live View display, which allow you to easily review settings and quickly adjust the camera to your needs.

      EOS 80D

      Stunning photo and movie quality in a wide range of conditions

      Capture the quality your creativity deserves. EOS 80D delivers stunning images, in a range of lighting conditions, that are packed with detail, colour and atmosphere - and instantly ready for editing and display - thanks to the 24.2 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 6 processor.

      EOS 80D

      7,560-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor

      Enjoy accurate and consistent exposure in a wide variety of situations, thanks to a 7,560-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor, which detects both infra-red and visible light.

      EOS 80D
      EOS 80D

      Natural low light shots

      Take natural atmospheric pictures when light levels fall with a large ISO sensitivity range of ISO 100 -16,000 (H:25,600), which reduces the need for flash and gives you the flexibility for faster shutter speeds.

      Flicker Detection

      Flicker Detection ensures consistent exposure and colour when shooting continuous bursts under flickering artificial lights.


        Everything you need to stay in control and develop your photography

        Intelligent Viewfinder

        See everything right to the edge of the frame, with shooting settings instantly displayed, using the Intelligent Viewfinder with approx.100% frame coverage. Shoot more discreetly with a 3fps quiet continuous shooting mode.

        EOS 80D
        EOS 80D

        Vari-angle LCD with Live View

        Explore creative shooting angles and enjoy intuitive control using the 7.7cm Vari-Angle Clear View LCD II touch screen. Compose and shoot action from a different point of view thanks to Live View continuous shooting using Dual Pixel CMOS AF at 5fps.

        Integrated Speedlite Transmitter

        Explore creative lighting options by positioning Canon Speedlite flashes off camera and controlling them with the EOS 80D’s Integrated Speedlite Transmitter.

        EOS 80D
        EOS 80D

        EOS System

        Explore new creative opportunities with the extensive EOS System of EF Lenses and accessories.

        EOS 80D

        EOS 80D

        Professional quality sound
        Enjoy full control over audio levels via the camera menu and capture professional quality sound with headphone and microphone inputs.

        Choice of file formats
        Record in MP4 and MOV file formats with a variety of frame rates and codecs for ease of editing and storage.

        EOS 80D

        Powerful movie combination

        For the ultimate movie shooting solution, combine EOS 80D with the flexible, high performance EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM featuring Nano USM, which delivers smooth, quiet focussing for movies and super-fast AF for stills. Combine it with the optional Power Zoom Adapter PZ-E1 for precise zoom control when shooting movies.

        Instant NFC connection

        EOS 80D

        Instant NFC connection

        Instantly connect the camera to compatible Android devices* with just one tap thanks to NFC technology. Connect simply via a Wi-Fi key from other devices. * When used with compatible Android devices

        Canon Connect Station

        EOS 80D

        Canon Connect Station

        Simply tap the EOS 80D via NFC to the Connect Station to easily store your photos and movies and share with others on an HDTV or with social media or via online albums.

        EOS Utility software

        EOS 80D

        EOS Utility software

        Connect to the camera anywhere from a PC or Mac and enjoy easy image transfer and remote operation using the supplied EOS Utility software.

        Canon Photo Companion App

        Canon Photo Companion App

        The ultimate partner to any visual storyteller, our Photo Companion app gives you access to tailored, expert knowledge and content when you need it most – so you can truly bring your stories to life.

        Discover More

         Download Canon Photo Companion App on itunes
        Download Canon Canon Photo Companion App for android



        Produce great quality photos that are packed with fine detail.

        1.0 type CMOS icon

        Powerful DIGIC processing for responsive performance and accurate colours.

        DIGIC 7

        Capture all of the action with a maximum 7fps shooting rate

        Full HD 60p

        Focus on and track your subjects wherever they are in your frame


        Shoot from high and low angles.


        Capture movies at up to 1080p resolution and 60fps frame rate.

        Dual Pixel AF

        Enjoy smooth continuous focusing when shooting movies and photos in Live View mode.

        Wi-Fi NFC

        Easily connect and share

        inteligent viewfinder

        See shooting and focus information overlaid over your subject as you shoot

        Whats in the box


        EISA Awards 2016

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