Telephoto Zoom Lens

Canon RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM

Capture the world with L-series quality from a compact, lightweight telephoto zoom.

Travelling light

See how Canon ambassador Lucia Griggi used the RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM to document a trip to the Scottish Highlands.

Compact, light and portable

Ideal for travel, sports and wildlife thanks to its compact size and light weight, the RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM has pro features in a small size and won’t take up much room in a kit bag.
RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM and the EOS R5 being taken out of a camera bag by Lucia Griggi

Pro grade image quality

As well as Air Sphere Coating, four UD lenses correct aberrations while a 9-blade iris and constant F4 aperture give superb bokeh, even at its closest focus of 0.6m.
RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM and the EOS R5 amongst plants

Advanced stabilisation

Designed for stable handheld shooting, the Optical Image Stabilizer gives great confidence, with up to 5-stops available.
RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM and the EOS R5 being held with one hand by Lucia Griggi with the sea in the background

Quiet, fast and precise AF

Dual Nano USM motors bring incredible new levels of rapid and silent continuous focusing, perfect for stills or video.
RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM and EOS R5 sample image of an Otter on land. Taken by Lucia Griggi

No compromise construction

This L-series lens features weather-sealing and fluorine coatings to guard against dust and water, plus heat resistant paint to reflect heat in sunny conditions.
RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM with water droplets on it illustrating it’s weather sealing capability

A lens for every occasion

Astoundingly sharp with beautiful rich images, the RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM gives you the freedom to compose your perfect shot.


  • F4 constant maximum aperture

    For great performance in everyday situations

  • Dual Nano USM

    For smooth, fast and near silent continuous focusing

  • UD elements and ASC coatings

    For exceptionally sharp, high contrast images

  • 5-stop Optical Image Stabilizer

    Exceptional stability in the lowest of light levels

  • Dust and water resistant seals

    Offering weather resistance and durability

  • Lens Control Ring

    Change settings while still viewing the subject


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Plan view image of RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM, Lens cap E-77 II, Lens hood ET-83G, Lens Dust Cap RF and Soft pouch LP1319

What’s in the box

  • RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM

  • Lens Cap E-77 II

  • Lens Hood ET-83G (WIII)

  • Lens Dust Cap RF

  • Soft pouch LP1319

Hands holding a Canon EOS R camera and a Canon RF 24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM lens.

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Camera Bodies

RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM

RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM

EF 70-200mm f/4L IS II USM

EF 70-200mm f/4L IS II USM

RF 70-200mm F2.8L IS USM

RF 70-200mm F2.8L IS USM



Lens construction (elements/groups)


Special glass

4 x UD elements
1 x Fluorite, 2 x UD elements
1 x Super UD,
4 x UD,
2 x GMo Aspheric elements (one being one of the UD elements)

Special coating

ASC, fluorine coating
Fluorine coating
SWC, fluorine coating

No. of diaphragm blades


Minimum aperture


Minimum focussing distance


Maximum magnification


Optical IS (CIPA standard correction effect)


AF actuator

Dual Nano USM
Ring USM
Dual Nano USM

Dust/moisture resistance


Filter diameter


Max. diameter x Min. length

83.5 x 119mm (retracted)
80 x 176mm (fixed length)
89.9 x 146mm (retracted)


Approx. 695g
Approx. 780g
(excluding tripd mount)
Approx. 1,070g
(excluding tripod mount)

Extender Compatiblity

Not compatible
EF 1.4x III / EF 2x III
Not compatible

Tripod Mout Ring

Not compatible
A II (W II) (optional)
E (WIII) (supplied)

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