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Our sponsorship activities across the EMEA region span social, cultural and sporting activities that support our brand, business and corporate social responsibility objectives and that are in line with our brand purpose – Imaging to Transform our World.

Through our corporate philosophy of Kyosei we endeavour to contribute our imaging expertise to make a difference within society. Kyosei conveys our dedication of seeing all people, regardless of culture, customs, language or race, harmoniously ‘living and working together for the common good’.

Visa Pour L’Image, the international festival of photojournalism, welcomes visitors from around the world for a series of exhibitions, roundtable discussions, screenings and award presentations.

We are privileged and proud to be supporting Visa Pour L’Image festival for the 35th year in a row.

Canon Camera
Canon Camera

The Coral Spawning Lab brings together a passion for coral biology to offer a unique tool to tackle the current coral crisis. Guided by science (they the team have developed over the past decade), they design and install bespoke aquaria aimed primarily for the spawning of Scleractinia corals.

We are proud to be able to support the Coral Spawning Lab with our world leading imaging equipment, including Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Camera, Canon EOS R6 Mark II Mirrorless Camera Body, Canon RF 100mm F2.8L MACRO IS USM Lens and Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro Photo Lens.

At Canon we want to ensure that the activities we partner with can connect and communicate with our broad range of customers in an emotive way that supports our brand purpose of ‘Imaging to Transform our World’.

All partnerships we undertake must align to our values and therefore, we seek to partner with activities that: 

  • Are considered innovative, bold and/or visionary
  • That can provide a platform for us to showcase our imaging technology and services
  • Promote our commitment to sustainability
  • Demonstrate our corporate philosophy of Kyosei - living and working together for the common good.
  • That align with our corporate vision of “Enriching lives and businesses through imaging experiences”

 Currently, we are not considering any new partnership opportunities but when we do consider a proposal, we use the following criteria to help us decide:

  • We do not sponsor individuals or teams. This includes bloggers, vloggers and any travel projects where the individual seeks a free product in exchange for promotion. Visit the Canon Pro site for more information on the Canon Ambassador Programme
  • The event/activity must be a pan-European project. For local activities, please contact the relevant Canon office
  • The event/activity cannot have any religious associations, political connections, or be associated with warfare of any kind
  • Any event/activity we consider must support our sustainability objectives

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