Canon Industrial Imaging Platform Vision Edition

Specifications in detail


Camera operation functions

Imaging, network camera position, network camera movement correction, grid PTZ

Branch processing functions

Branch processing, multiple branching conditions

Image processing functions

Density inspection, area, edge position, edge width, arc edge, approximate straight line edge, angle detection, circle detection, ellipse detection, blob detection, 1D code reader, 2D code reader, number recognition, character recognition, analogue meter reading, colour discrimination

Model matching functions

NCC matching, Shape matching

Robot control functions

Robot movement, robot movement correction, robot palletizing, robot hand, robot I/O

Calculation functions

Four basic calculations, angle calculations, multiple branching conditions calculation, maximum value/minimum value, numerical formula calculations, output value statistical, two straight line intersection, two point calculation

Image enhancement filters

Grayscale binarization, contract -> expand, expand -> contract, Sobel filter, image subtraction


Simultaneous camera connections

Maximum 4 cameras per program including COBOTTA robot on-hand camera

Number of robot connection


JOB trigger input

Robot, PLC, Internal timer trigger (Trigger count & Trigger interval)

Data output to PLC

Detected value (coordinate, edge position etc), number/analogue meter/colour detection RGB value, 1D & 2D code output as dictionary ID number

Data output (as CSV log data file) to FTP server

Detected value (coordinate, edge position etc), 1D code/2D code/number/character/analogue meter/colour detection RGB value

FTP Transfer

Log images, log data, screenshots

Simulation mode data

Log images, log data or from external USB memory device

Log records

Log images, log data, archive images, screenshots


Canon network camera

VB-H45,VB-S30D Mk II, VB-S30VE, VB-S910F

AXIS network camera

P1214, P1224-E, M1065-LW, M5065, V5915, P3905-R Mk II, P3915-R Mk II

Robot on-hand camera

Canon industrial camera N10-W02 (DENSO COBOTTA on-hand camera)


DENSO COBOTTA (compliant with b-CAP communication over Ethernet)


PLC that supports SLMP transmissions (QnA compatible 3E frame) (Mitsubishi Electric, etc.)
PLC that supports Open User Communication transmissions (Siemens)


Siemens Simatic IPC427E, HPE Edgeline GL20, EL300, EL1000, Matrox 4Sight EV6, Mitsubishi Electric MELPIC MI2000

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