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Canon EOS R7

EOS R technology meets APS-C design, for a hybrid mirrorless camera that’s small, fast and powerful.

Explore the wild

  • Where will you go next?

    Continuing the legacy of our formidable EOS 7D series cameras, the EOS R7 packs state-of-the-art performance and ferocious speed into a next-generation mirrorless EOS R Series body.

  • EOS R innovation meets APS-C design

    The EOS R7 is built around an APS-C sized sensor, so lenses offer 1.6x more telephoto reach than the equivalent focal length on a full-frame camera. You’ll feel like you’re right next to your subject, able to capture frame-filling animal portraits and powerful action pictures that are full of impact.

  • Specifications

    • Dual Pixel CMOS AF II

      AF that recognises and tracks people, animals and vehicles

    • Up to 15fps continuous shooting

      Plus 30fps bursts with the camera’s electronic shutter4

    • 32.5 megapixel APS-C sized sensor

      The ideal balance of resolution, speed and low-light performance

    • -5EV low light focusing2

      Accurate focus in low-light conditions

    • ISO 32,000

      Standard maximum sensitivity

    • Full HD up to 120p

      For super smooth motion9

    • Collaborative IS

      Body and lens stabilisation working together for up to 7 stops3 of protection from camera shake

    • 4K/60p

      Video capture

    • 2.36 million dot EVF

      With up to 120fps refresh rate10

    • 7.5cm 1.62-million dot Vari-Angle Touchscreen

      Take a different view of your subject

    • DIGIC X processor

      Responsive control and minimal EVF lag


    Take advantage of Canon's VR solutions by updating your EOS R7 to make it compatible with the Canon RF-S 3.9mm F3.5 STM DUAL FISHEYE dual fisheye lens.

    For more information and to download now, please click the link below.


    The next chapter in APS-C camera design

    Watch wildlife photographer and content creator Dani Connor as she uses the EOS R7 to capture her search for the Iberian lynx.

    EOS R7 at a glance

  • Next-generation Auto Focus

    With deep learning AI & subject recognition

  • Next-level image stabilisation

    For 7 stops3 of protection from camera shake with RF-S 18-150mm F3.5-6.3 IS STM up to 8 stops13 with other RF lenses

  • Speed & performance that will blow you away

    The perfect photographic moment can last just fractions of a second, which is why we designed the EOS R7 to be exceptionally fast

  • The next chapter in image quality

    Photos and video that defy expectation

  • Next-generation Auto Focus
    With deep learning AI & subject recognition

    We’ve given the EOS R7 deep learning AI and iTR AF technology you’ll find in our EOS R3, EOS R5 and EOS R6 cameras. This means it can recognise people, animals and vehicles and keep them in pin-sharp focus wherever they move in the frame.

    Autofocus that defies expectations

    Wildlife photographers will love how the camera recognises birds in flight, keeping them sharp as the fly across the landscape. Sports photographers will relish the ability to track people as they move quickly and unpredictably – even when they’re wearing a helmet, looking in a different direction or turning upside down.

    The EOS R7’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF II focusing system covers and tracks subjects over virtually 100 per cent of the frame 1 and ensures fast, accurate AF, even when light levels fall as low as -5EV 2 or with maximum apertures as small as f/22.

    Autofocus that defies expectations

    Next-level image stabilisation
    For 7 stops of protection from camera shake3

    Imagine being able to shoot long-exposure photos handheld, intentionally blurring moving subjects without reaching for a tripod. Or capturing super smooth video while walking with the camera. The In-Body Image Stabilizer (IBIS) inside the EOS R7 unlocks all kinds of new ways to be creative and might just make you re-consider how you use your camera system.

    7-stops of protection from camera shake
    Keeping it steady, even when you're not

    Keeping it steady, even when you’re not

    The camera’s IBIS works collaboratively with the optical IS built into many of our RF lenses. Thanks to the RF mount’s lightning-fast communication speed and wide physical width, up to 7 stops3 with the RF-S 18-150mm F3.5-6.3 IS STM and up to 8 stops13 with other RF lenses of stabilisation over 5 axes is possible, allowing steady handheld photography of long exposures without any camera shake.

    And when you’re shooting with non-IS lenses (such as fast primes) the wide lens mount of the EOS R system allows the EOS R7’s IBIS to still deliver highly effectively stabilisation against camera shake.

    EOS R7 Panoramic

    The system also helps level-up sloping horizons and keep subjects sharp when you’re panning or shooting panoramas.

    Rock-steady movies

    When shooting video, IBIS and optical IS systems are joined by a third piece of technology: Movie Digital IS. Together these systems smooth out camera movements to such an extent you’d be forgiven for thinking that footage had been shot using a gimbal.

    In next to no time…
    Speed & performance that will blow you away

    The perfect photographic moment can last just fractions of a second, which is why we designed the EOS R7 to be exceptionally fast. Capture RAW, JPEG and HEIF files at a staggering 15fps6 – or up to 30fps4 when using the camera’s silent electronic shutter7 –with continuous AF and AE that reacts constantly as you shoot. A top electronic shutter speed of 1/16,000 sec reveals details that are often missed by the naked eye.

    DIGIC X Processor

    Built to react fast

    The camera’s DIGIC X processor delivers swift, lively handling and virtually eliminates viewfinder lag for a truly responsive shooting experience. Up to 42 RAW files and 126 JPEGs can be capture in a single 30fps burst.8

    Fluid motion, captured perfectly on video

    When shooting video, frame rates up to 60p are available in 4K, and up to 120p when capturing Full HD footage9. Captures moving objects with incredible precision and create super smooth slow-motion effects in post-production.

    Fluid Motion, captured perfectly on video

    The next chapter in image quality.
    Photos and video that defy expectation

    Whether you’re shooting stills or video, the EOS R7’s 32.5 megapixel CMOS sensor and DIGIC X image process deliver stunning results. The technical advantages of the EOS R system combine with our expertise in optics and sensor design, giving you image quality better than anything you’ve experienced before.

    Photographing the world's most endangered cat

    Image quality beyond expectation

    Photos are packed full of detail, colour and dynamic range – even in low light thanks to a max sensitivity of ISO 32,000. Very high-quality 4K video footage can be produced by oversampling 7K sensor output, while Canon Log 3 ensures wide dynamic range and post-shoot editing options.

    Image quality beyond expectation

    Taken with EOS R7

    • f/11
    • 1/80
    • 32000

    The next big thing in EOS design
    New features, instinctive feel

    Take your next creative steps with a camera that puts new technology at your fingertips, yet feels as familiar and instinctive as your DSLR. New design features – like the combined AF point selector and rear control wheel – are joined by classic EOS handling and instantly recognisable menu pages, so you’ll feel at home right from the start.

  • Electronic viewfinder

    Even the stunning 120fps10 2.36-million dot electronic viewfinder has an OVF Assist mode, which will help those transitioning from DSLR cameras.

  • Vari-Angle LCD screen

    A Vari-Angle LCD screen makes it easy to shoot from difficult angles. Vertical video recording is also supported, making it simple to capture stories for social media.

  • Combined AF point selector

    New design features include the combined AF point selector and rear control wheel.

  • The APS-C advantage

    The APS-C advantage

    The EOS R7 is built around an APS-C sized sensor, so lenses have more telephoto ‘reach’ than the same focal length on a full-frame camera. The smaller sensor format also makes the EOS R7 more portable – great when on wildlife trips, photographing air shows, or capturing the action trackside.

    Integrate and expand

    And talking of lenses, you can bring all of your existing EF and EF-S lenses to the EOS R7 via a choice of Canon mount adapters, where they will perform just as you remember – if not better, thanks to the greater functionality of the EOS R System.

    You can tailor the EOS R7 to work in just the way you want. Customisable dials and buttons complement custom shooting modes and a programmable My Menu screen.

    Integrate and expand


    The next word in communication
    Share, send, stream and process

    The EOS R7 is a connected camera, able to work hand-in-hand with your smartphone, tablet or computer via the Canon Camera Connect app. A Bluetooth Low Energy link maintains a connection with your smart device so you can browse, download and share full- or reduced-size images and video using Wi-Fi – wherever you are shooting. The EOS R7 is Made for iPhone11 too, so you can connect using a high-speed USB-C cable.

    Update your followers on social media with exciting events as they happens, or send pictures directly to a client, if you’re working professionally The EOS R7 even makes it possible to live-stream video to YouTube5.

    Connectivity Diagram

    Start your editing workflow early

    Built in Wi-Fi makes it easy to connect independently to our online gateway, image.canon, for seamless direct transfer12 of your images and video clips to cloud storage for review later. Transfer all images, so they’re ready and waiting for you when you get back home, or rate, select and transmit only those pictures you prefer.

    Start your editing workflow early

    Canon aims to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions from its business activities by 2050

    We will achieve this by delivering an average improvement of 3% per year in the lifecycle CO2 emissions improvement index per product. Which if sustained would mean roughly a 50% reduction from 2008 levels by the year 2030. We recognise this to be in line with the level of reduction called for by the Paris Agreement.

    We will continue to undertake target reviews from a long-term perspective as a way of checking our contribution to the realisation of a low-carbon society.

    Photographer looking down view finder
    EOS R7 - What's in the box?

    What's in the box

    Everything you need to take your next steps in photography and video.

    • EOS R7 Camera Body

    • Camera Cover R-F-5

    • Camera Strap ER-R7

    • Shoe Cover ER-SC2

    • Battery Charger LC-E6E

    • Battery Pack LP-E6NH

    • Battery Pack Cover

    • AC Cable

    • User Manual Kit

    Accessories & Lenses

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    1. Applicable when subject frame is shown while tracking and a compatible lens is attached to the camera while the full-range AF is active or the subject is detected successfully in another area mode. For details on supported lenses, refer to [Supplemental Information] for EOS R7 in “cam.start.canon”.
    2. During still photo shooting, with an f/1.2 lens, Centre AF point, One-Shot AF, at 23°C/73°F, ISO100. Excluding RF lenses with Defocus Smoothing coating
    3. 7-stops based on the CIPA standard with RF-S 18-150mm F3.5-6.3 IS STM at a focal length of 150mm
    4. Continuous shooting speed may be slower depending on subject/shooting conditions or the camera setup or the lens used, etc.. Refer to Advanced User Guide for details. For information on lenses that support the maximum continuous shooting speed with servo AF, refer to Supplemental Information of EOS R7 on the website “cam.start.canon”. Depending on the nature of subject or shooting conditions, rolling shutter image distortion may occur.
    5. The livestream service of the camera only supports livestream on YouTube. Before using the livestream service, image.canon registration is required. Check YouTube for the latest requirements. The live streaming on YouTube may be changed, stopped or terminated without notice. Canon assumes no responsibility for any services provided by third parties, including their live distribution on YouTube.
    6. Continuous shooting speed may vary depending on various conditions, see specifications for details.
    7. Sounds other than the shutter (aperture, focus lens drive sound, and electronic sound, etc.) may be generated.
    8. Under Canon testing standards with 32GB UHS-II card (during One-Shot AF, ISO 100, Standard Picture Style) Number of images depends on various settings and lens used. For details on supported lenses, refer to “cam.start.canon”
    9. In High frame Rate Movie mode sound is not recorded
    10. The maximum frame rate during AF, half-press of the shutter button, or continuous shooting is 59.94 fps. Note that the display frame rate may be lower depending on the lens you are using and shooting conditions.
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