Speedlite Flash

Canon Speedlite EL-5

A powerful, advanced flash with fast recycling, great creative control and outstanding performance for all situations.

Power and control when you need it most

See how the Speedlite EL-5 can earn its place in your kitbag with its compelling combination of solid dependability and professional performance.

  • Portraits

    Add detail to your faces will fill-in flash

  • Weddings

    Capture the blur of a dress with a slow-sync burst

  • Events

    When you’re under pressure, capture the moment without delay

  • Creative

    Control up to 15 Speedlites remotely with radio mode

Battery being changed

Professional lighting with performance to match

Capture unmissable moments with a powerful GN60-rated flash with fast recycle times and long continuous busts, while a power level indicator gives reassurance on the LP-EL Li-ion battery charge.

Multi-Function Foot for advanced operation

Control the SPEEDLITE EL-5 direct from the camera thanks to Canon’s Multi-Function Foot 1 , a new interface offering reliable connection with improved communication and features.

Multi-flash FE memory sample

Feature packed for creative photography

Use FE Memory 2 for quicker setups and Manual mode for fine control down to 1/1024th power 2 , 3 . Custom Flash Modes allow settings to be stored and linked to a compatible camera’s own Custom settings 2 .

Multi-flash lighting for studio quality shooting

Control up to 15 Speedlites wirelessly with the built-in radio transmitter at up to 30m away and model the lighting thanks to a Dual White LED with brightness adjustment.

Multi-flash 3
Companion app

Intuitive interface and advanced handling

Control settings using the Speedlite’s joystick or from the camera’s LCD via the Speedlite’s (Flash) Direct Menu button, or remotely via the Camera Connect App. SPEEDLITE EL-5 can tilt upwards to 120° or sideways for bounce lighting.

Remote, reliable operation every time

Shoot with flash in all weather conditions thanks to weather resistant seals and an improved internal airflow design that helps to keep the flash head cool.

Product Weather Sealing


  • Guide number 60m

    Light up distant subjects and large groups

  • Fast 0.1-1.2 sec recycle times

    Up to approx. 85* full power flashes in a burst

    * Using a fully charged LP-EL battery under Canon testing conditions. Continuous flash count at full output until flash firing restriction Level 1.

  • Multi-Function foot interface

    Reliable, fast communication with increased functionality

  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery

    Up to approx. 350* shots at full power

    * Using a fully charged LP-EL battery under Canon testing conditions. Continuous flash count at full output until flash firing restriction Level 1.

  • Wide range of power levels

    From full to 1/1024* power, for maximum flexibility

    * Minimum flash output is 1/128 for high-speed sync.

  • Built-in LED modelling light

    With 5 brightness levels

  • Accurate battery level indicator

    So you’ll know when to replace or recharge a battery

  • Weather-resistant construction

    Work confidently in poor conditions


See how the SPEEDLITE EL-5 compares to the SPEEDLITE EL-1 and 600EX II-RT

Speedlite EL-5


Speedlite 600EX II-RT


Speedlite EL-1


Camera mount shoe supported

Multi-Function shoe1
5-pin hotshoe
5-pin hotshoe

Flash Zoom coverage

(14mm) 24–200 mm
(14mm) 20–200 mm
(14mm) 24–200 mm

Bounce angle (max.)

-7° to 120° / -180° to 180°
-7° to 90° / -180° to 180°
-7° to 120° / -180° to 180°

Autoflash support

- / E-TTL / E-TTL II
- / E-TTL / E-TTL II

Manual flash output setting range (high speed sync)

1/1 to 1/1024 (1/128)
1/1 to 1/128 (1/128)
1/1 to 1/8192 (1/128)

External flash metering sensor


Continuous shooting priority (CSP) mode


Custom flash mode

Yes (C1, C2, C3)

FE memory


Modelling lamp

Yes (white)
Yes (bi-colour)

Modelling flash (when mounted on a camera)


Optical / Radio wireless functionality

Radio only
Optical / Radio
Optical / Radio

Modelling lamp on/off (Radio)


Modelling flash (Radio)

As receiver unit only with a compatible camera and Speedlite as sender

Joystick control

Yes (customisable)

(Flash) Menu direct button


AF-assist beam

White LED

Recharge time (normal flash)

Based on Canon's testing standards.

Approx. 0.1–1.2 sec
Approx. 0.1–5.5 sec
Approx. 0.1–0.9 sec

Estimated number of continuous full power flashes (approx.)

Continuous flash count at full output until flash firing restriction level 1. EL-5/EL-1: Using a new, fully charged LP-EL; 600EX II-RT: Using new AA/LR6 alkaline batteries. Set to manual flash and based on Canon measurement standards.


Flash count at full power (approx.)

Based on Canon's testing standards.



LP-EL (Rechargeable Li-ion)
4 x size-AA batteries
LP-EL (Rechargeable Li-ion)

Battery level indicator


Dimensions (approx. width × height × depth)

80.2×139.9×123.3 mm
78.7×143.2×122.7 mm
84.4×149.0×136.4 mm

Weight (approx.)

Speedlite only, without battery

491 g
435 g
572 g

Weather resistance

Yes (equivalent to EOS R5)
Yes (equivalent to EOS-1D)
Yes (equivalent to EOS-1D)

Active Cooling

Enhanced passive cooling design

External power source socket


Sync terminal


Bracket attachment screw holes


Canon colour filters and bounce adapter supported


  1. For use with compatible cameras with Canon's Multi-Function shoe, a firmware update may be required. Note, not all functions may be supported with all cameras (the EOS R5 C and camcorders with the Multi-Function shoe are not supported).
  2. Using a fully charged LP-EL
  3. Using AA/LR6 alkaline batteries


Speedlite EL-5

What's in the box

  • Speedlite EL-5

  • LP-EL Battery

  • Mini stand

  • Speedlite case

  • Shoe cover

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    1. On-camera support requires a camera with Canon’s Multi-Function shoe and supported firmware - not all functions may be fully supported with all cameras. Not compatible with EOS R5 C.
    2. With compatible cameras.
    3. Minimum flash output is 1/128 for high-speed sync.