One Click | Two Finishes | One Print

FLXfinish+ on the Colorado printers enables you to print high value applications with a velvety matte finish for interior décor or a brilliant gloss finish for display and packaging, and now also mixed matte-gloss applications without additional costs

One Click | Two Finishes | One Print

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The Colorado 1600 series are industrially built, high quality 64" roll-to-roll printers that use the patented UVgel technology and produce highly durable, odourless and instantly dry prints of consistent high quality with a wide colour gamut at high speeds and offer print service providers the opportunity to produce stunning multiple applications with a single device. The Colorado now offers prints with a mixed matte-gloss finish independent of media. This is possible thanks to the FLXfinish+ technology.

FLXfinish+ advantages:

Combined with the benefits our UVgel technology (odourless prints with rich colours, sharp details and scratch-resistance) you can now simply and reliably produce prints that combine a matte and a gloss finish without an extra varnish channel.

  • Breakthrough technology

    • Print matte and gloss together in one print
    • No need for an extra varnish channel and printhead
    • Perfect registration (same pass printing)

  • Automation

    • Unattended printing 
    • Reliable industrial quality with remote monitoring app 
    • Easy file preparation, simple workflow

  • Improve your bottom-line

    • High margin applications 
    • Standard on Colorado 1650, optional for Colorado 1630, upgradable for existing customers 
    • No costs or maintenance for special printheads or special substrates

  • Media versatility

    Wide application range

    • Add the wow effect in interior decoration
    • Maximize your unboxing experience with mind-blowing packaging
    • Make your brand stand out from the crowd in retail

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Colorado 1650

The Colorado 1650 maximises the UVgel advantage with high production speeds, certified flexible inks and FLXfinish+. It has been designed for Print Service Providers for whom ‘no’ is not an option, enabling them to produce an astonishing range of applications at high speeds. FLXfinish+ is standard on the 1650.

Colorado 1630

Add the proven advantages of UVgel with the fully modular Colorado 1630. A smart investment, as you can configure the base system to your specific situation and upgrade later as your business grows. Print speeds up to 111 m2/hr. FLXfinish+ is optional on the 1630.

Colorado 1630 printer

How FLXfinish+ works

Our unique UVgel technology and the smart use of the UV led curing provide the basis for the FLXfinish+ technology. Find out how it works in the video.

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