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How Caro grew their business with a specialised and automated production line for printed interior design elements: The UVgel Wallpaper Factory.

Video of how Canon helped Caro grow their business
  • Objective

    • Expanding offering with photographic wallpapers
    • Modernising and automating the wallpaper production
    • Reducing production costs

  • Challenges

    • Increasing customer expectations in terms of quality and variety
    • The need to use ecological and safe printing technologies

  • Benefits

    • Ability to manufacture top quality photographic wallpapers
    • Reduction of production costs
    • Higher-quality photo wallpapers (durable, dimensionally stable and colour consistent)
    • Saving on material because of an additional feeder
    • Greater care for the environment - ecological, odourless inks
    • Intuitive printers that do not physically burden the operator

  • Approach

    • Implementation of a UVgel Wallpaper Factory - a specialised and automated production line for printed interior design elements

Freedom of choice - individualisation of interiors

Caro, located in Zielona Góra, was founded almost 30 years ago. 'In 1994, when we started our business, the demand for textured paintings was exceptionally high,' says Marta Naranowicz, operations director at Caro Group. - 'But we soon noticed that our customers were more and more interested in printed images. The demand for this type of art was growing very fast. We decided to invest in a modern printing facility, which turned out to be a great success. In a short time we started producing thousands of orders for the biggest retail chains in Poland and Europe,' she recalls.

She admits that the transition from the production of textured to printed images was the biggest breakthrough in the company's history. The following years, however, brought an increase in customer awareness and an increase in their needs. Today it's not enough that a painting depicts an interesting scene. The print must be sharp, the colours should faithfully reflect reality. And the prints must be odourless, scratch-resistant and produced as ecologically as possible.

This is why Caro has decided to make another technological change. In 2021, the most modern equipment manufactured by Canon came into action: the UVgel Wallpaper Factory.


Marta Naranowicz, Caro Group


UVgel Wallpaper Factory is working at full speed

The basis of the Wallpaper Factory is a UVgel Colorado 1650. The technology used in the device allows wallpaper to be printed at a low temperature, thanks to this, the substrate retains its properties. This makes it easy to apply the wallpaper (the individual panels are perfectly aligned), and also ensures that the colours remain stable and consistent with the original image. The Colorado also allows the prints to be finished in matt or gloss, which is particularly important in interior design. The finished wallpaper can be perfectly matched to any style.

'We chose the wallpaper factory because of its excellent technical performance. The key issues are, of course, the build quality, dimensional and colour stability, environmental safety and ease of use,' Marta Naranowicz points out. And she adds that it was also important to ensure a sense of technological security. - 'We highly value reliable service. Canon is a reliable business partner, which provides support in both technical and marketing aspects.'

Increasing offering with additional Colorado

The Wallpaper Factory proved so successful that, eight months after its implementation, Caro decided to purchase another Colorado. 'We are not stopping, and today we are introducing premium wallpapers into our offer. These are unique designs, created by artists from all over Europe. Thanks to the versatility of the Colorado we can print them on various substrates, including more demanding structural ones,' she says.

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