PRISMAcolor Manager

Take efficiency to another level by seamlessly validating colour output across all your printers with a device agnostic solution.
Office professional using PRISMAcolor Manager.


Get your colours right the first time around

Achieve high quality digital prints with the help of PRISMAcolor Manager. Simplify the colour validation process and quickly and accurately collect and interpret colour measurement data from an entire Canon print fleet and other CMYK print vendors.
  • Measure colour patches with ease

    Measure colour in four easy ways - PRISMAsync import, Direct Print, download and print, and external control strip.

  • Easy-to-understand overviews

    Instantly view graded results of colour measurements against your chosen industry standards in clear charts and test reports.

  • Simple user interface

    The intuitive user interface allows you to compare a collection of tests and results and navigate easily through large amounts of complex data.

  • Secure, cloud-based access

    Experience reliable and secure unified access to all your PRISMA applications and tools, and work easily and securely in the cloud.

  • Key Benefits

    Uncover the benefits of the PRISMAcolor Manager.

  • Save time

    Make sure colour validation is done right the first time around by following five simple steps.

  • Reduce complexity

    Create consistent high-quality digital colour prints without the need for high level technical knowledge.

  • Make consistent colours accessible

    Work smarter, not harder. Turn to data-led digital measurements to validate colour.

  • Reduce colour errors

    Keep an eye on quality levels and make necessary changes to reduce errors and wasted prints.

  • Empower your workforce

    This cloud-based colour management solution can be used by anywhere, anytime by anyone, while step-by-step animations shorten the learning curve.

  • Compare against industry standards

    Keep quality high by validating colour management results against recognised standards such as FOGRA * or your own defined targets.

    * FOGRA is an internationally recognized graphic arts institute that works within the design and print industry as a certifying body, especially for display color accuracy.

  • Bring different devices together

    Bring all validated colour data together in one place with this device-agnostic cloud solution. Compare validation results of two different printers at any time.

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