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Canon PRISMAproduce Tech

PRISMAproduce Tech is a powerful workflow application and a user-friendly way to create document sets of dozens of files and submit them easily to your plotWAVE, colorWAVE and a selection of imagePROGRAF printers.

Canon PRISMAproduce Tech with complex technical drawings made easy in use

Complex technical drawings made easy

As a print user in technical drawings and related documents, you are constantly looking for an easy way to print technical documents accurately. You would like to avoid inefficient production or the need to create multiple test prints.

PRISMAproduce Tech helps to access, prepare and submit print jobs in a convenient and secure way. This helps to increase and standardise your productivity and to save operator time and effort.

Boost productivity

Streamline complex technical document printing with easy job configuration and preview. Quickly prepare and submit technical drawings for first-time-right printing.

Create and save dedicated templates with preferred settings for repetitive print jobs, enhancing workflow efficiency with just a few clicks.

Effortlessly switch between printers without needing to restart the application, thanks to enhanced drag & drop functionality. Monitor the status of your media rolls and toner or ink levels to further streamline print preparation.

Canon PRISMAproduce Tech in use to boost productivity
Powerful Canon PRISMAproduce Tech in use

Powerful and user-friendly workflow solution

PRISMAproduce Tech helps you to prepare and print complex documents quickly, with high-quality previews:

  • Provides a more consistent print process with more reliable print quality
  • A personal user environment provides increased security and convenience: log in to a password-protected environment to gain access to dedicated templates and hot folders

An intuitive user interface with the recognisable PRISMA look-and-feel, provides an easy, smooth work experience

Streamlined workflow for the years ahead

We are not only one of the market leaders in high-performance printers. We are also a well-known developer of controllers and workflow software that gives architects, designers and engineers, the tools they need to do the job. PRISMAproduce Tech is part of the PRISMA Tech Suite. PRISMA Tech Suite helps customers manage their print operations easily and stay in control with efficient and convenient workflow software solutions.
Canon PRISMAproduce Tech with streamlined workflow in use

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Compatible printers

  • All colorWAVE printers

  • All plotWAVE printers

  • Selection of imagePROGRAF printers

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