Document Capture and Data Processing Services

Document Capture and Data Processing Services

Leverage the power of intelligent process automation

Drive efficiency and deliver a better customer service, by streamlining your document capture and processing with state-of-the-art services.

Processes such as Customer Onboarding and Accounts Payable (AP) can be completed faster and more cost-effectively, allowing you to keep your customers happy and maintain competitiveness in a crowded marketplace. Leverage the power of intelligent process automation with a result-oriented outsourced service that utilises both physical and digital input channels.

What we offer

Scanning Services

Ensure document quality and free your staff from manual processes by outsourcing the opening, sorting, preparation and scanning of physical documents.

Capturing Services

Save time by automating digital document capture – including classification of documents, extraction of key data and validation of accuracy.

Cognitive Capture

Use advanced smart tech with Artificial Intelligence to analyse, understand and identify both the content and context of unstructured documents.

Enrichment Services

Effortlessly enrich your data and increase its value by matching with master data or adding additional data fields manually.

Validation Services

Corroborate the accuracy, completeness, integrity and authenticity of documents and data with your business requirements to ensure its validity.


Get digitised documents and extracted data delivered directly to your business via SFTP, or transferred straight into your system.

Document Capture and Data Processing Services


Process locations

Your data will be processed with the highest level of security at one of our Shared Service Centres.

Skilled operators

Our trained and experienced operators are multi-lingual and work securely across Europe and off-shore.

Secure remote access

Full European regulatory compliance is ensured by accessing and processing your data remotely.

Process locations

Download content

Download content

Smart shoring solutions

Focus on your core business by freeing your workforce from manual tasks. Smart shoring takes care of validating, checking, analysing and reporting on your behalf, saving time and money.

DB Schenker

DB Schenker CR case study

We helped DB Schenker CR by providing an end-to-end outsourced invoice processing service, based at the Canon Delivery Centre in Prague. The result was a faster, more efficient system using streamlined workflows and automated invoice data capture, validation and matching.

Download full case study

See how your business can benefit from a results-oriented outsourced service

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