Free your workforce from labour intensive tasks

Focus on your core business and boost employee productivity by outsourcing time-consuming manual processes.

Scanning paper documents, validating data, verifying information and managing exceptions are costly and time-consuming jobs – not the best use of your employees’ time. Canon Shared Service Centres can handle these labour-intensive tasks on your behalf, saving time, money and freeing your staff to help with more important business aspects, such as development and growth.

What we offer

Document Capture

Management of physical and digital document input, including data entry, processing, indexing and extraction for complete document capture.

Data Checking

Ensure your data is complete, correct and relevant throughout, with comprehensive validation and verification checks of business documents.

Enrichment Services

Enhance your business data to maximise its value by matching with customer master documents or manually adding data fields.

Data Entry

Secure and accurate data input for effective management of data across multiple systems, within your business infrastructure.

Exceptions Management

Data errors detected by automated workflows, such as missing data, are quickly and efficiently resolved by our Shared Service Centres.

Bespoke Service

Our operators seamlessly integrate into your business processes, freeing up your workforce by performing manual-intensive tasks on your behalf.


Optimum locations

Canon Shared Service Centres provide secure processing locations for your documents and data.

Multi-lingual resource

Highly skilled and comprehensively trained, our operators can process documents and data in many languages.

Data compliance

Our Shared Service Centre operators use secure remote access so you can confidently meet regulations.

Optimum locations

Download content

Download content

Smart shoring solutions

Focus on your core business by freeing your workforce from manual tasks. Smart shoring takes care of validating, checking, analysing and reporting on your behalf, saving time and money.

Aegon case study

Aegon case study

We helped Aegon develop a state-of-the-art inbound and outbound mail processing system, with automated document workflows and electronic storage. This streamlined document management system was housed in a new, purpose-built off-site facility, managed by Canon.

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Document Capture and Data Processing

Document Capture and Data Processing

Increase efficiency with automated management of physical and digital data input.

Document Lifecycle Management

Document Lifecycle Management

Get the most out of your business documents with expert processes and people.

Inbound Information Processing Services

Inbound Information Processing Services

Automate and streamline the capture and processing of incoming documents.

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