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Arizona 2300 series helps Wiking to reduce turnaround times

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Wiking employees with Arizona 2380 XTF flatbed printer

Our challenges to reduce turnaround times have been solved since installing the Arizona 2300 series. It offers high speed and improved

Jens Filipsson, Owner of Wiking Reklam

On the forefront for customers

Wiking Reklam in Gislaved, Sweden is the first customer to get its Arizona 2300 series installed worldwide. The company was founded in 1985 and taken over by Jens Filipsson & Sven-Olof Wahlberg in 2007, resulting in the versatile company it is now. Wiking Reklam has moved from screen printing to digital. The company focuses on retail but also takes on interior design challenges, for both large and smaller customers. Wiking Reklam has to stay flexible and aims to be a one stop shop for its customers.

Print large substrates productively

Next to 3 roll printers and 4 screen printing machines, The Arizona 2380 XTF was added to the mix to complete the offering. The unique, true flatbed, build of the Arizona helps Wiking to print large substrates in a very productive way. Wiking Reklam is able to meet the short delivery time expectations while delivering high quality output.

Owner Wiking

The Arizona 2300 series is crucial for our business and with this flatbed printer we can take customers ideas and turn them into reality.

Jens Filipsson, Owner of Wiking Reklam

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