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Advanced Automation Modules

Canon Advanced Automation Modules

for imagePRESS

Ensure consistently high-quality prints, without the time and expense of manual inspection and adjustment

The imagePRESS C10010VP Series supports two automation options, an inspection unit and sensing unit, whilst the imagePRESS C910 Series supports only the sensing unit.

Automate registration and colour tone adjustments before printing

Configuring colour tone and setting up front-to-back registration before printing can add significant time to your print workflow. The Sensing Unit reduces pre-print setup to just one click.

Maintain colour and registration settings during the print run

The Sensing Unit continuously monitors colour tone and registration across each page during the print run, providing feedback to the engine to adjust the settings to maintain consistency.

Ensure every page is perfect

The Inspection Unit checks every sheet for image and variable data imperfections, with adjustable precision levels. It can then reprint any imperfect pages automatically when required, to provide a full stack of perfect prints.

Sensing Video
Inspection Unit

Explore the imagePRESS C10010VP Series automation modules

Canon’s additional automation options offer advanced quality control to meet the highest print standards.

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Find out what the imagePRESS C10010VP Series and its optional Advanced Automation Modules can do.

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