PIXMA Quality & Speed

PIXMA-logo-and-emblem.pngOur PIXMA range has been designed to achieve the highest print quality. The combination of unique printing technologies with Canon ink cartridges and paper ensures outstanding, photo-lab quality results.



FINE technology

Experience photos with superb detail

FINE is Canon’s unique print head technology at the heart of every PIXMA printer enabling fast photo printing with superb detail. The high ink placement accuracy is achieved with the use of a large number of densely positioned microscopic ink nozzles produced with a photolithography process.


Hybrid ink system

Crisp text and vibrant photo colours

For superior colour reproduction in graphics and crisp text in documents, many PIXMA printers use dye colour and pigment black inks. Dye inks are used for exceptional quality photo prints with vivid colours, while black pigment inks produce crisp, clear prints of small letters and sharp lines.



Photo inks

Quality, long lasting photos at home

Preserve memories for a lifetime. A combination of genuine Canon ink and Canon photo papers maximizes superb printing ability of the FINE print head technology resulting in more vibrant and beautiful photos which resist colour fading for longer.


The ChromaLife100+ inks offer enhancements in colour reproduction and deeper blacks for more vivid photos. Prints can last over 200 years in the photo album, approx. 40-years on display behind glass (light fastness) and 10-years without the glass (gas fastness).


With ChromaLife100 inks your photos will resist colour fading for longer. Prints on PP-201 can last up to 100 years in a photo album


The professional LUCIA pigment inks offer accurate colour reproduction and enhanced print longevity. Prints can last approx. 200 years in the photo album, 80-years on display behind glass (light fastness) and 50-years without the glass (gas fastness).



Print Speeds

Know and compare real print speeds

The FINE technology allows fast photo and document print speed. Canon uses the latest agreed International Standards (ISO) to measure the print and copy speeds. This way, you can be absolutely confident of the performance when using any Canon printer or All-In-One.

The photo permanence figures are estimated by using accelerated tests.

ChromaLife100 photo permanence figures refer to CL-541 / CL-441 inks and PP-201 paper

ChromaLife100+ photo permanence figures refer CLI-551 / CLI-451 inks and PT-101 paper

LUCIA photo permanence figures for refer PGI-72 inks and SG-201 / LU-101 papers

PIXMA iP100 inks support ChromaLife100 without light and gas fastness.