Versatile printing made easy

This small, compact solution offers big printing options and comes with easy, breezy software, so there’s more desk room – and head room – to spread your creative wings.

Pick paper to suit your shot

If you’re looking for A3+ printing without giving up your entire desk space to your tech, look no further than Canon PIXMA PRO-200. “It fits on my studio table really well,” says London-based food photographer Natasha Alipour-Faridani, “and also when I need to take it on set, it’s light and compact to travel as well.” Versatility is Canon PIXMA PRO-200’s middle name – especially when it comes to paper sizes. With three paper feed options and A3+ size prints ready after just 90 seconds, you have the freedom and efficiency to go big (or small) from home. And the auto paper skew correction means you can wave goodbye to printing fails and misalignment for good.

Photographer taking a vibrant colour print from PIXMA Pro-200 in the paper of her choice

Tech that takes the load

When it comes to sending your shot to print, Canon’s Professional Print and Layout software takes care of everything. Included with the Canon PIXMA PRO-200, it lets you choose the paper that’s perfect for your project, select the size, and explore different colour profiles before you press print. “It’s really quick and easy to use,” says Alipour-Faridani. “I can do more tests but know it’s not going to slow me down with my editing.” Experiment to your heart’s content and keep track of all the action with the 3-inch LCD screen for perfect printing at your fingertips.

"I can do more tests, but know it’s not going to slow me down with my editing."

A Photographer's workstation with editing and printing photos in progress

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