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Travel light with our most portable stabilised binoculars.

Easy to carry – comfortable to use

Well-balanced and easy to carry, our compact binoculars offer stability and clarity with a choice of magnifications. Use them comfortably for long periods of time or for occasional spotting on your travels.

Travel light

Our lightweight binoculars - the 8x25 IS - weigh 480g and fit easily into a bag or pocket. The larger 10x30 IS II, 12x36 IS III and 10x32 IS weigh 600g, 660g and 780g respectively but offer higher magnification and a wider view ideal for safaris.

Travel light

A super steady view

Enjoy a more relaxed viewing experience from a moving car or boat or when you’re walking about. Canon’s optical Image Stabilizer (IS) corrects for many types of movement to give you a super steady clear view and reduced eye strain.

A super steady view

Ideal for adventure, travel, plays, concerts

The perfect travel companion, compact binoculars are ideal for looking at distant city skylines and identifying animals and nature in the countryside. Or use them indoors at plays or concerts to get a front-seat view of the performance.

Compact binoculars

Get closer in superb quality

Thanks to Canon’s optical expertise you can enjoy a clear, detailed viewing experience. Plus you can adjust each binocular to your eye-sight and hold higher magnification models easily when wearing gloves thanks to a rubberised grip.

Canon’s optical expertise

Recommended binoculars for travel

Choose from our most portable stabilised binoculars for the best travel experience.

Other activities

Discover our complete range of binoculars, and get the information you need to choose the right binoculars for you.

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