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Canon HJ15ex8.5B KRSE-V

Portable HDTV lens with built-in image optical stabilisation, ideally suited for sports and moving subjects.


  • Built-in image stabilizer – unique Vari-Angle Prism technology

  • Power Optics – superb imagery with latest optical design

  • Internal focus – minimises chromatic aberrations

  • Enhanced Digital Drive technology

  • Ecological, robust ergonomic design

Detailed Features

  • EFP lens with built-in image stabilizer

    Canon's HJ15ex8.5B KRSE-V portable HD zoom lens provides the solution to camera shake in the ever-demanding HDTV environment. It also anwers the need when capturing fast moving images, especially, in sports and drama production, and maintaining sharp focus.The HJ15ex8.5B KRSE-V can stabilize a wide range of vibration frequencies. Examples range from the low-frequency vibrations encountered on a camera operator's shoulder in a jostling crowd situation, to tripod-mounted operation on shaky platforms, to the higher-frequency vibration that cameras are subject to when operated inside TV news helicopters, motor vehicles, motorbikes, and boats. The lens provides four selectable stabilization modes to allow operators to optimize the degree of correction under diverse, and sometimes unique, shooting conditions.Canon's unique VAP-IS technology incorporates a novel optical group made up of two flat glass elements joined by sealed bellows containing a high-refractive-index liquid, selectively placed within the lens' overall optical system. The system has been optimized to introduce a high-degree of real-time compensation for image instabilities.A major advantage of Canon's unique VAP-IS system is that it totally relieves the camera operator of any concerns with respect to lens-camera stability, allowing full concentration on creative image framing, focusing, and capturing imagery of the subject being photographed.

  • Optical Technologies

    Power Optics - combination of specialized materials, contemporary optical design, and multilayer coatings that produce the superb imagery.Internal Focus - a Canon design innovation that uses a floating optical system to better control chromatic aberrations.Crossover Technology - switchable operation between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio imagery.

  • Digital Technologies

    New third-generation enhanced digital servo systems using Canon-developed 16-bit optical rotary encoder devices introduce new creativity to handheld acquisition systems. Enhanced Digital Drive technology - encompasses a microcomputer driven servo control that embodies position memory and user-defined digital functionality to significantly empower the camera operator. A 16-bit rotary encoder for aperture control reports to the associated camera Iris control system (10-bit compatibility). Maximum Zoom speed is 0.5 seconds and Focus is 1.5 seconds.

  • Mechanical Technologies

    Compact digital servo drive unit is mounted to the lens at a 12.5 degree angle for comfort and balance. Magnesium alloy body for light weight and exceptional durability.

  • Ecological Design

    All contemporary Canon lenses avoid the use of materials and substances potentially harmful to the environment. Lead has been removed from all optics and other identified substances from all components comprising the composite lens system.

Canon HJ15ex8.5B KRSE-V
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