Transforming Customer Experience & Operational Excellence in the New Normal

Discover how to drive internal efficiency and deliver successful customer experience through digital transformation

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Working in the ‘New World’

Danny Mekić, Technology and Innovation Expert

Insights and practical advice about how to digitally transform in the 'new normal.'
Working in the ‘New World’

Working in the ‘New World’

Entrepreneur and innovation expert Danny Mekić, discusses with Canon’s Robert Buijs and Darren Rands, how to work - profitably - on digital transformation

Profitable transformation

During this interactive session, Danny Mekić, Robert Buijs and Darren Rands discuss the significant changes taking place to the way we work, providing insights and practical advice on how to manage digital transformation effectively and adapt your organisation for the ‘new world.’


Transforming Information and Customer Communications

Robert Buijs, Director of Customer Communications Management, Canon Netherlands

Why digitally transforming your information workflows is the secret to success in a fast-changing environment

Transforming Information and Customer Communications

Robert Bujis, customer communication expert at Canon explains what we can learn from the pandemic about future-proofing for success

Transforming Information and Customer Communications

Harnessing a digital-first model

COVID-19 taught us that we can’t predict the future. In a rapidly changing market, being agile and customer-centric is the key to survival. Those that thrived in 2020, used digital transformation to their advantage – harnessing a digital-first model to change tactics, maintain business continuity and keep customers happy.

Preparing for the future

But digitisation is about more than surviving a temporary crisis, it’s about future proofing your organisation for success. This presentation will explain how digital transformation can help you prepare for the unexpected, deliver better customer experience, and prepare for the future.


Mastering Customer Experience through Customer Communications

Marco Gotz, Senior Consultant, Canon Netherlands and Sander Wilmink, Solutions Business Consultant, Canon Benelux

Transform your technical and tactical approach to customer experience
Mastering Customer Communications

Mastering Customer Communications

Customer experience experts, Marco Gotz and Sander Wilmink reveal the tools behind excellent omnichannel communication

New expectations

Customer communications were once so simple. Standardised post and a contact centre were all that a brand needed. But this is the Age of the Consumer. And that means managing numerous channels, shifting customer preferences and on-demand responses. It’s no wonder businesses are struggling to get it right.

So what’s the secret?

The truth is, behind every great CX experience, is a well-oiled machine. Delivering a successful, customer-centric business model means transforming your business, investing in technologies which support a more interactive, transparent and personalised experience. This presentation provides guidance on the technologies you need to future proof your customer experience offering.


Achieving Operational Excellence

Gerard Verdonschot, Digital Transformation Consultant, Canon Netherlands

How to drive efficient, transparent, compliant business processes

Achieving Operational Excellence

Digital transformation consultant, Gerard Verdonschot, provides expert insight into mastering efficient business processes

Achieving Operational Excellence

The power of information

Information is a powerful asset in the world of business. It helps us build robust boardroom strategies and powers smart, agile decision-making. But many companies are hampered by issues in managing the information flowing in and out of their organisation. Inefficiency, convoluted processes and legacy technology can stand in the way.

Time for change

Better information management can help you overcome internal inefficiencies, create transparent, compliant business processes, and adapt easily in a fast-changing world. This session will give you practical guidance on transforming your internal and external processes to achieve operational excellence.

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