Exakta Print improves profits with short-run printing

Combining versatility with production efficiency

Exakta Print improves profits with short-run printing
  • Objective

    To find a flexible, profitable solution in response to an increase in short-run and on-demand print.

  • Challenges

    Managing the demands for short run print whilst meeting customer expectations.

  • Approach

    Exakta Print invested in two inkjet solutions, for maximum flexibility for varying run lengths.

  • Achievements

    Offset quality achievable with increased capacity, flexibility, and streamlined workflows.


“Once we’d seen the Canon ProStream in action, we knew we could have the best of all worlds: flexibility, agility and quality”

Patrick Andersson, Managing Director, Exakta Print

The case for digital

Exakta Print is one of the leading commercial print service providers in Sweden. Founded in 1979, the Malmö-based company has a network of sales offices across the country.

Exakta has a foothold in several B2B verticals as well as in the consumer market but is best known as Sweden’s leading supplier of school yearbooks, cornering 80% of the market. In addition, the company produces instruction manuals, books, test papers, school curriculum documentation, school photography, personalised photobooks and calendars.

With the aim of streamlining work processes, Managing Director Patrick Andersson, knew a better print solution was needed to meet the challenge of shorter, more frequent print runs and to remain profitable and competitive.

Books displayed on table

Offset to on-demand

Andersson had his head turned by the high-quality output from the Canon ProStream 1000. With its ability to print on both coated and uncoated stock, this highly productive digital inkjet press also matches the vibrant colour reproduction of offset. In addition, Andersson saw the potential for a second Canon inkjet press, the ColorStream 6700 Chroma.

With the addition of the web-fed presses, Exakta Print is now looking to migrate the majority of its offset work to inkjet.

“In recent months, we saw more income generated from digital than from offset. This is good news for Exakta Print as we make higher margins from digital than from offset print,” says Andersson.

Patrick Andersson and operator using ProStream

Flexibility and agility without compromising quality

By investing in the Canon ProStream and ColorStream, Andersson and his production team have overcome their profitability and productivity challenges.

Canon’s highly versatile inkjet presses provide Exakta with a flexible, high quality solution for efficient and reliable production of publishing and commercial applications.

Not only does the Canon inkjet technology give them the confidence to migrate work from their offset and liquid toner machines. They also enable Exakta to extend its product offering and explore new revenue streams.


“Canon has been extremely professional and provided us with all the information we needed to feel confident in our new investment.”

Patrick Andersson, Managing Director, Exakta Print
Exakta Print improves profits with short-run printing

Case Study


Want to find out more about how Exakta Print achieved offset print quality with increased capacity, flexibility for shorter print runs, and boosted their profitability?

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