How Universal Print by Microsoft and uniFLOW Online will support print management in the new normal

Take control with serverless fleet management through the cloud
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Join us to discover how combining Universal Print by Microsoft and uniFLOW Online, will help you control your decentralised fleet

10 December 2020

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm CET

The power of cloud

Before COVID-19, businesses were already facing pressures to expedite their digital transformation to stay competitive. Now, as companies shift to more hybrid, decentralised working environments, it’s essential to have connected tools to keep your business running from anywhere. With our next uniFLOW Online update, our portfolio will become compatible with Universal Print by Microsoft. This combination will deliver our customers powerful cloud-based print management, designed for our future digital workplace.

Join us to discover how uniFLOW Online and Universal Print by Microsoft combined, will deliver simpler, secure, centralised fleet management


Yohann is an experienced Solution Architect involved in the architecture, design and implementation of Managed Print and Document Services solution. Using his knowledge and own experience, Yohann is supporting global industry in their digital transformation using Canon’s wide portfolio of products and services to implement new ways of working. Before joining Canon, Yohann worked in a variety of industries including IT services, web development and consulting services.

Yohann Jennepin

Global Solution Architect, Canon EMEA

Chris Tickler has 25 years’ experience in Print Management and Enterprise Scanning software for both European and Worldwide markets. Originally studying as a programmer, Chris moved from writing code and designing software to the sales and marketing of the products he designed. Chris has a unique insight into all areas of the software production cycle and uses real world experiences to excite and engage customers around the globe with the latest in printing technology.

Chris Tickler

Chief Technology Evangelist, NT-ware

Alan Meeus is currently responsible for the market introduction of some core endpoint services in Microsoft 365, and today focusses on Universal Print. With over 25 years of experience in product strategy and management in information and communications technology at Microsoft, Alan likes to focus on bringing products and services to market in the early stages of the product life cycle.

Alan Meeus

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft
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What is Universal Print by Microsoft?

Universal Print, developed by Microsoft is a cloud-based print solution that enables simple, rich, and secure printing experiences, while reducing time and effort for IT.

Universal Print moves key Windows Server print infrastructure to the Microsoft 365 cloud and provides robust and centralized print management capabilities. A single generic driver is used, irrespective of printer model, so no driver management and setup is needed. Printers are easily identified from Windows devices and users continue to print as they always have.

What is Canon uniFLOW Online?

uniFLOW Online is an advanced print and scan management software that harnesses the power of the cloud.

Every size business has its own challenges relating to document security, the management of IT and expenditure and budget control. uniFLOW Online delivers a scalable, secure cloud-based solution that adapts and grows in line with your business. It removes the need to invest in and manage local servers with flexible printing and scanning subscriptions available to support and complement every stage of the document lifecycle.

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