Objectif Lune – OL® Connect

Create, automate and distribute your most important documents. OL Connect solves the challenge of integrating ERP, LOB and mainframe systems to automate business communication processes.
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Objectif Lune – OL® Connect


Add value to your critical business processes

OL Connect technology captures and extracts data directly, or from print streams from any system or ERP, to facilitate personalised document creation, print them to any device and even push them to an ECM system for further processing.
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    Print and mail

    Bring automation, reduced costs, mail integrity and postal discounts to transactional print runs.

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    Document enhancement

    Capture data output, apply necessary changes and distribute documents in required formats.

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    Process automation

    Automate manual and paper-based processes and produce digital documents.

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    ERP to ECM connectivity

    Connect to ERP/LOB or mainframe systems to extract data, create documents and push to ECM systems.

Key benefits

Benefit from streamlined output management, reduced manual work and costs, and an improved customer experience with OL Connect.

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    Solves the integration challenge

    OL Connect acts as a middleware with existing systems to enable business process automation.

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    Facilitates digital transformation

    OL Connect creates, manages, distributes and automates transactional documents.

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    Automates important business processes

    OL Connect automates and digitises outbound business documents such as invoices or delivery notes.

Increase process efficiency to enhance communications

OL Connect technology acts as a middleware that sits next to various existing systems and extends their functionality, to enable enterprise-wide automation of paper-based business processes.

Improve your processes without having to make costly changes to your existing systems or invest in new ones: go from manual, paper-based processes to automated digital processes, without overhauling your entire organisation.

OL Connect integrates ERP, LOB and mainframe systems, enables document personalisation and gives greater control of post-print processes. All customer-facing communications can be multichannel, personalised, automated and interactive.

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