Quadient Inspire

Fully integrated, any-premise enterprise solution that helps improve customer communications.
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Quadient Inspire


Quadient Inspire

Quadient’s enterprise CCM solution, Inspire, has transformed customer experience for thousands of companies around the world. It eliminates siloed workflows and reduces the need for IT.

Key benefits

Enable rapid response to market changes and speed digital transformation by empowering non-technical business users to safely design, manage and deliver personalised, compliant content across all channels.

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    Improve Flexibility and Creativity

    Inspire Flex’s Designer UI offers the flexibility to create, personalise, manage and publish even the most complex and regulated communications.

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    Customise Communications

    Leverage base templates to create and customise human-centric communications. Empower business users to manage content and personalisation in a controlled environment to ensure compliance.

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    Boost Productivity

    Easily integrate multiple data sources to generate personalised digital and printed communications on demand or in high-volume batches.

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    Ensure Delivery

    Empower your customers to choose their preferred channels such as email, SMS, WhatsApp and social media. If the primary channel delivery fails, the omnichannel coordination capability automatically attempts redelivery on alternate channels to ensure engagement.

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    Integrate with Salesforce

    Generate compliant communications directly within your CRM environment. The Inspire Flex Plug-in for Salesforce leverages relevant business data and content from your CRM into compelling, compliant customer communications.

Being the largest provider of communications solutions across Europe for three leading vendors including Quadient ensures Canon has the right tools for your business.

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Transform to Digital, Build a Better Business

Embed communications directly into your existing digital platforms to generate responsive communications and forms that automatically adapt for optimised viewing.

Improve the relationship with your customers. Manage your entire communication portfolio and make communications processes more efficient. Reduce risk and maintain compliance with changing government and industry regulations.

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